Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 109!

Well my streak of good night sleeps has come to an end.....I fussed lots for Mommy...she has been having me sleep in my boppy instead of on her so I missed her and I thought that if I fussed, she would hold me close on her worked.

Busy day...we went to the YMCA to see my big brothers swim....takes me back to my womb days of bubbles in Mommy's tummy. We then headed to the library to get some books on and my brothers listen to them at rest time.

Before it began to rain, we had a good old family game of hide-&-go-seek. Mom and I were stealth like...except for those times when I would have an apneic spell and then cry....Joshua tried to quiet me but it is hard when you can't breath....and I wasn't even the one running! But Mom ran all over real sneaky like with me in my little tummy sack. All the bouncing made me puke after a while so Mom and I headed in to make lunch.

Miss Maureen with CompassionNet came over to visit and see how we are doing, how the services they provide us are working, and pick up some receipts. She was so thoughtful....she saw that we like Castanzo rolls and on her way over she picked some up for us! sweet! That is what we love about everyone we are working with...we are more than family in a file folder; people think of us and care for us and do their best because they have a heart to serve us. Thank you. Then Miss Michelle, my massage therapist, came over and rubbed me down....oooooooooooooooo how I loved that. Some times it doesn't set right with me but today everything was great. I just lounged in my bouncer and she just rubbed, and rubbed, and rubbed, and kept rubbing and forgot to look at the time! I wasn't gunna say anything!

Mom and I did some dishes. Gramma and Grampa came over and took us out to dinner. Then just me and Mommy came back for my bath while Joshua and Jonathan went for ice cream desserts. I did ok in the bath.....sometimes I love it and other times not so much....tonight was a little bit of both...didn't like it when Mom put me in water that was too cold but then when she warmed it up, I enjoyed the water running down me.

Boys are in bed, Mom and me hanging out, watching that Grey's Anatomy show...I forgot to tell you I got my first dose of it last week.....I wasn't sure if I would go back for more....all that blood and stuff got my tummy I just slept through it this week.....that stuffs not for kids anyways Mom!

Busy busy busy. But over all a good day.

Coming Soon: I will get Dad to help with some pictures....Gramma and Grampa had some and we have some.....just take a look at the older posts that are naked and they will soon be decorated with me.

Have a great weekend!

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Michelle said...

If I was getting a massage i think I would even fake some sore spots just to get some more ;)