Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 108!

So last night was an ok night....I had some gas issues from 3:30am-4:30am (rough on Mom) but I got through it. Then Mom went to rest once Dad was up so I decided to give Dad a know those new newborn diapers I am in at night....well they are just a little big around the legs so I managed to squish my poop right through that flaw....Dad used like the whole container of wipes! was great fun!

We just hung out as a family and then Mom got into this organizing toys and brothers toys are now all categorized and on shelves....what a weird mood.

Mom dressed me in my new is so cute that even Joshua noticed and told me it was a cute outfit. Picture will come soon.

I hung out with Mom and we went to bed pretty early. Good day over all.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 107!

So I slept great yet again! Mom is getting spoiled. With this new feeding schedule, I've only been waking once! Mom even moved me up to Newborn size diapers because I am sleeping longer....they have Micky Mouse and friends on them. My day diapers are still preemie size but mom found the preemie Pampers Swaddlers with Sesame Street babies on them!....she bought the store out of them!...she is so silly.....I guess their advertising scheme works! my family realized this morning that we didn't have a 15 week party for me last night! Mom sang to me before I went to sleep but Dad and my brothers sang to me in their cereal this morning! I forgave them since technically it is my 15 week birthday until 6:03pm tonight. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! No Gramma & Grampa or other visitors coming over to sing in some good dessert.....No 15 week singing video......not even a picture! WhAT iS GoINg oN HEre?!?!?! We did celebrate my day 105 birthday Sunday just for the heck of it....but I still like my weekly milestones. We are just getting to normal but we all really missed the's important to us.

Miss Kristen, my occupational therapist, came over and had some ideas for us to try with bottle feeding. She also showed Mom a way she could hold me so that I can stretch out my right side of my neck since the muscles are tighter on that side. It is nice that it is nothing too strenuous....just a few tweaks of things we already do and that can make all the difference. We'll see how it goes.

So then Gramma came over and she, my brothers, Mommy and I headed out of town! My first out of town day trip! We went to Rochester to visit Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kevin. I hadn't been out there in a while....since I was in Mommy's belly. We went there and hung out at their house for a bit, then went for a walk and froze our little hineys off....then Uncle Kevin was home from work so we went back for some dinner. We made cookies.....oatmeal chocolate chip...mmmmm Me and my brothers helped. There are pictures but I'll have to get them from Gramma. We then headed home. I traveled really well both ways....Mom was very thankful....she didn't want me being upset about my carseat the whole hour and a half there and then home....I did great....not a peep out of me. It was a great first day trip.

So we came home pretty late and me and the boys were out cold...Mom had to bring in out little sleepy limp bodies and all out luggage from the day....but now I am up and blogging....ready for some yummy milk and then off to bed for me and Mom.

Thank you Jesus for another day....thank you!

God bless you and your family....hug them a little longer and thank the Lord for them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 106!- Happy 15 week Birthday to me!

I am posting at 6:04 pm which is my 15 week/106 day birthday. Pretty cool huh?!?!?

I thought today, day 106, would be a day of sixes but I was wrong. I went to the doctor and I weighed in.....the nurse kept going up and up on the ounces....he got to 6 pounds and it was too much....he went down to 5lb. 15oz. and that was too little......I am 5 pounds 15 1/2 ounces! Sooooo close! Don't get me wrong....I am in no way just was so close.

My visit with Doc was good. We are changing my med for my stomach acid...the Zantac isn't working too much anymore. Doc hates my feeding tube....but we know there really isn't another option....I am ok with it though....I've grown accustomed to it. Mom's milk supply is going down a little bit...we still have lots in the freezer and she is still getting some but we talked about how to mix the formula in case she dries up. It was a good visit.

Then I headed over to Gramma's to see Auntie Juli before she went back to Florida. She had a tough time saying goodbye....I understand it's hard....but we will all get through it. I got Gramma & Grampa's camera card so I can get the pictures from this past I'll get those to you guys tomorrow. We didn't have our camera with us so Gramma and Grampa came to the rescue.

Last night, I had another pretty good sleeping night with Mom....I slept in 5 hour spans so that was nice for her. But then I woke up and was cranky....a little gassy. Mom had a head ache so she laid down for a bit until Miss Ann Marie (the social worker) came to visit my brothers a bit and do some Crayola Color Explosion....which exploded all over the living room!....this stuff is only supposed to work with the special markers but Joshua must have that stuff running through his veins because he changed the colors with his hands and feet which then changed the carpet to black and dark blue! cleaned up though. He still has black fingers but he'll eventually clean up.

So now I am hanging out with my brothers and Mom for the night. Hope you have a great week! Do something nice for someone you don't know this may get nothing in return from this world, but it's ok not to be repaid.....just do it to be a servant.

P.S.~Thanks for being patient with my random blogging has been tough to stay on top of things but I am trying to do it. Thank you so much to all of my faithful fans and I hope you can read up and view the pictures when I do finally get to things. Thanks for your patience. Talk to you soon!

P.P.S.~ Did you see we are over 90,000 hits?!??! THANK YOU SO much for visiting me! I love you all!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 105!

After such an exhausting day yesterday I had a really good night sleep... I hope Mommy and Daddy don't get any ideas and try and keep me awake all day long going forward... I like my afternoon naps... and my morning naps.... and my evening naps for that matter! I slept from like 1 am - 5am and then from 5am until 8 something am! That's a good night sleep for Mommy! Even Daddy slept until 9 this morning! Mommy and Daddy have no idea what time my brothers got up because they just stayed in their room and played with their Webkinz! God Bless The Webkinz! That means they weren't out waking me up at 7 am either! We need to get some more of those things!
Believe it or not, we actually made it to church today... not on time... no one said anything about being on time... we couldn't get our good seats in the back row if we showed up on time! We weren't that late though, so I managed to distract the back-row-baptists throughout most of the service! :) Everybody was very excited to see us.... mostly me really! Again, can you blame em?
Afterwards we went to Gramma and Grampa's for lunch. Buscia and Tom came over and of course Aunt Juli was there. I got held by Buscia, Aunt Juli, Daddy, Mommy, Gramma... I lost track... probably Grampa in there somewhere.... it was a good day for sleeping in people's hands. Buscia kept trying to get me to smile... I'm smiling on the inside Buscia, honestly... still working out the kinks with the old face muscles though!
Daddy said that me and him had a date today at 3:30 pm. Well, lunch went long and we were still at Gramma's then. So we didn't have our date on the couch downstairs... we had to have it on Gramma's couch instead. You see, Daddy's favorite basketball team - the SanAntonio Spurs - were on TV today so we were supposed to watch them win game 4 of the first round of the playoffs. It was going to be my first NBA playoffs game and it was supposed to be a big win for them as they swept the other team. But... nobody told the other team how important this was for me and our team got blown out by 30 points! So our date ended early.... at halftime Grampa got to watch golf instead! I guess I'll just have to stick around long enough for me and Daddy to enjoy a win in a later game!
We decided to celebrate my birthday a little early this week... don't worry... I'm sure I can still sucker my parents into another party tomorrow...but since Aunt Juli was in town and Buscia and Tom were over.... what better reason to get an ice cream cake - DAY 105! We even had the number "105" candles on the cake! (I have to clarify - I didn't want any of you thinking that we burned down the house or put a hole in the ozone layer or anything!) Of course, you all know how my brothers are... they both had to blow out my candles for me! Twice! I need to get bigger so I can fend those boys off of my birthday candles and blow em out myself! Just wait until my 730 birthday, boys!
Daddy had a headache so I spent the evening on the couch with Mommy. Daddy got some rest though and came right down to hold me for the rest of the night as I got my medicine and finished off my evening meal. Another busy day... maybe I'll sleep well again... did anyone check and see if the Webkinz are in my brother's room??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 104!

Can you say "wedding shower"?!?!?? Man! I thought this was going to be great... Mommy spent the whole morning getting all dolled up and looking bee-u-tiful! She gave me a bath and got me all dressed up and hauled me out the door... just me and her! Daddy was going to take my brothers for the day so that me and Mommy could "take a shower." Now, I remember the last time me and Mommy "took a shower." That wasn't so bad... actually it was pretty nice once you got over the initial shock of water on the face. THIS WAS SO DIFFERENT. There wasn't even warm water involved! Picture it... a room full of 30 women - all of whom wanted to hold me or see me or kiss me or talk to me. At one point I actualy thought there might be purses swinging and people "taking it outside" (Gayle and Buscia! :) ) over who was going to hold me! Poor Aunt Juli.... who can compete with "the cuteness?"... I hope she had a great day even though a celebrity showed up at her wedding shower. Is that why there was no warm water?
I don't think I was ever so happy to see my calm little house... and then my brothers busted out of the clubhouse and came running with stories of what they had done all day. Apparently they went to the Webkinz Extravaganza Day.... where each of them had bought a new Webkinz and got one free... and Jonathan even one another one spinning some kind of wheel. Heck! I could do that! Where's my Webkinz?!?! All I got was a shower... with no water! Ok... I'm done complaining now. It was great to meet all those new people that I'm somehow related to! Apparently my brothers didn't have all fun while I was gone... Daddy took them on a trip to the hardware store where they were forced into manual labor. Joshua and Jonathan helped Daddy move over 1100 lbs of concrete mix and play sand. That's like 225 of me! Can you imagine that? 225 of me would be great! 1100 lbs of concrete and sand.... not so much. Good news is that the magic clubhouse now has a sandbox with 400 lbs of sand at the bottom! Bad news... the boys were exhausted!
Gramma and Grampa, Aunt Juli and Aunt Nancy came over to the house because apparently they hadn't had enough of me! I think that Mommy has a secret plan with them to try and keep me up all day so that she can get some sleep at night or something! Aunt Juli had to get her Ted's Hot Dog run in before she left town again so they went and bought out the store and brought it back for everybody to gobble up. I can't wait to see how a Loganberry shake tastes!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 103!

Just wanted to let you know that I am doing 102 is a work in progress....Dad had all the photos up and ready to go but Mom came over to assist me and erased one...a very important I will post it once Dad can undo Mom's oops. I will also add pics to this post once Dad can help me.

After an ok night sleep, I hung out with my brothers and had some breakfast. Miss Ann Marie, my nurse, came to visit me. Mom wanted her to check up on me since I have been getting quite congested...wanted to make sure there is nothing in my lungs. She said I look great. She visited for a while. Daddy and the bigger boys were outside cutting the lawn for the first time this year. Jonathan made an impression....he adjusted the mower so it would cut shorter....he did this while Dad was not looking, and Dad got on to finish a few spots....bad idea.... now it looks like Moses parted the Red Sea in our yard!

Auntie Juli came in from Florida to see me!.....oh, and to have a wedding shower too. When I found out it wasn't all about me, I let a real good load go in my diaper for her (picture will post soon). Gramma and Grampa came to hang out too. Then, everyone left us boys with just Mom....who fell asleep on the couch with me. I woke her up to let her know she missed my feed by an hour!...and same for Joshua and Jonathan's "feed". So she made us all some food and then we hung out in the yard with our new neighbor Kaitlyn. She moved in with her Aunt Jan across the way. She is 12 and she liked coming over and playing with my big brothers and holding me. She was really nice...we are glad to have her.

It got dark so we are in for the night. Gotta snuggle with my Mommy :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 102!

Howdy! Well, I had quite the day today. After a loooooong night with Mommy (that whole not breathing thing got to me and my stuffy nose) we got up and packed up for a day at the farm. Our homeschool group took a trip there and it was great! I hung out in my little carrier all day. We went on a hay ride, visited the ponies and massive horses (one even tried to steal my blanket!), Joshua and Jonathan rode the ponies, touched all sorts of animals, and got to "crack corn". There were lots of baby animals. Check out the photos.

This baby is younger than me! Can you believe it?!?! You'll see why when you see the bottle she drinks from!
I'm crying just thinking about having to finish that thing off! Take it away Mommy! I'll stick to my little ones! I'll try harder I promise! Don't make me drink from THAT!!

Here's our family with a baby goat added to Mom's lap. Nice face Jonathan! The mama goat is ready to come get us (see her in the background?)....if she wasn't tied up it would be a battle of the Mamas.

There's me and my little goat friend....he liked my tube....I think he's jealous that I don't have to work for my food and he does! But then I was jealous of him since Jonathan was holding him and not me!

That horse and Joshua have a great sense of style!
This mama horse was huge! Even to you regular size people....she was really nice to me though....she checked me out a bit but then Mom put a stop to that.

Yeah for pony rides!

So, we headed home to get all washed up. Miss Chrissy, Delaney and Chloe all brought us dinner and played. They had great fun outside in the Magic Clubhouse. It filled our Daddy-less evening well. Mom likes to hang out with her friends....I like it too when there are two cute girls who tag along and love to love on me....that's good stuff.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 101!

So we ended our evening yesterday with our friends, the Leardons. Their whole family came over to fill our evening "Daddy-less" with lots of fun in the Magical Clubhouse.....Joshua and Jonathan loved sharing the clubhouse with their friends. I just hung out on Mommy in my little tummy sling thing....I like to be close to her....and she chatted with her friends...we all had a nice evening. Then, I slept pretty good again. Mom woke up herself at 3 and fed me....I would have slept on through but since she was up she decided to full my tank. But then I my tank was buggin' me so I fussed a while after in a subconscious state and so me and Mom were both out-of-it for a couple hours. My apnea kicks in and scares me a bit so I do not rest well...same for Mom. This has become quite a regular part of my day.....I have these spells of no breathing and it makes me I yell when I am done with them....this doesn't go over to well in the early morning least I'm yelling which usually leads to me breathing!

Then we awoke to Joshua reading Jonathan a story. Now, I'm not sure if you know this, but Mom homeschools my big brothers and since my arrival outside the womb, she has had a tough time teaching them on a regular basis....they are learning lots about life with me as their teacher, but Mom teaches them the more academic subjects. So when we awoke to Joshua reading a library book he had never seen before, and is beyond his Kindergarten requirements, it calmed Mom a little bit about making sure she gets everything in....those big brothers of mine are really bright kids and once you teach 'em the basics, they just roll with it on their own. I can't wait for Mom to teach me to read! She was just reading me all sorts of stories the other day and I loved it.....she was rubbing my hand on the fuzzy bunnies and crinkly pages......pretty neat stuff.

We all had a nice breakfast and my milk and my family with their eggs and toast....and then Mom wasn't feeling herself...I'm not sure what that means but it resulted in her sleeping for a couple hours. We then headed off to the YMCA so the big boys could enjoy free swim....they liked having fun free time in the pool with Dad. Mom and I hung out in the stands and visited a few instructors. Dad then had to head off to work. Joshua and Jonathan went out in the yard and it started to rain. So they headed for shelter in the clubhouse...they really like that house. Mom and I fired up the grill and made some dinner for Gramma, Grampa and Grandfriend Bonnie. I really did do the grilling with Mom....she always needs help when she's grilling.....definitely not her forte....but we pulled it off together. Gramma and Bonnie had bags of food for was great!...some people just know how to fill the little needs in life. I hung out with Grampa for a bit....I just kept staring and staring.....there is something missing on his head but I just can't place it... so I just kept staring.....I'll figure it out one of these days. We hung out and did our regular evening routine with the extra helping hands. I got a bath and liked it....until that end part when they take me out of the nice warm water into the cool air...that part stinks.....but I actually enjoyed getting in this time. I was awake most of the evening so once my belly was full, I was out cold. Then I hung out with Mom and watched American Idol upset! I just decided to go to sleep since I couldn't take it. Now, my belly is getting full and I am off to bed....Mom is hoping for another pretty good tummy aches! 101 nights....thank you Lord Jesus!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 100!

So I got up today after a great night's rest. Mom and I slept from 11:30pm-5:30am straight! and then we got up with the boys at around 8:00. Mom has been waiting for a while for a good night like that. We got up and out the door to take Joshua and Jonathan to Gramma's and then me to see my Cardiologist Family. I know I've told you this before, but they are just so great there. Miss Peggy came by to see me (she never misses me!). She told us how she had to work in the NICU I stayed at and she saw all these great signs on the baby's cribs that had stickers and neat decorations. She made mention of it to someone who always works there and she told Miss Peggy that "a mom donated" all the craft items.....THAT'S US!....we were so happy to hear that they were using it all and everyone was enjoying it. We actually have more items to get there.....a friend of Mommy's is a Creative Memories consultant and her whole group donated a bunch of scrap booking supplies! We just want to brighten the days of the families of my sick baby-friends and give those other sick babies some nice decorations to look at to take their minds off those lights and alarms that go off all the time. I know some of you guys (my blogger friends) wanted to donate some stickers and paper and such and we are still trying to figure out the best way to do it....maybe just sending it right to the NICU would be best?...I'll let you know.

So my cardiologist ....we'll call him Dr. J instead of typing C-A-R-D-I-O-L-O-G-I-S-T 80 bazillion times....that's tough on these crooked little fingers of mine... so he came in to see me. He is so great...he loves me.....even though he can't work a computer to check my blog!...but he makes sure Miss Peggy keeps him updated....I even put a picture of his wife (one of my nurses....he doesn't just send his wife to his patients houses....she comes on her own terms with her own company) on in hopes he would get on....this was weeks ago! maybe his wife and kids will get better comment if you do end up on! Anyways, Dr. J brought two other lovely doctors in to meet me...trying to hook me up there...thanks Doc...always looking out for me ;) . Actually one of them took care of me while I was in the NICU....I remember her with a calculator trying to figure out how many ccs the nurses should feed me....Small world!...I told her to check me out on my blog too. It was great to see her. Mom says she like it when people see how well I am doing...especially from the NICU and other medical professionals. There is so much bad info about Trisomy 18 out's kind of like the never hear that 98 million cars make it safely to their only hear about that one crazy idiot who drove off the road. Trisomy babies like myself are a blessing.....there are so many of us out there who live life great and loved as long as we have it.... not all of us live a tortuous life and are "better off dead" like so many medical professionals believe. That one NICU doctor (won't share names) told Mom she could just let me starve....don't bring that up to'll get an ear full about is proof that God does not revolve around statistics and although the "odds are against me" our God reigns over all. He may take me at any time, but same for you and the person next to you and anyone else....yep, odds are against me but God is for me.

Hey guess what my oxygen levels are at?!?!? 76%!!!! That is up 22 points! Dr. J said that the low reading last time could have been effected by my jaundice...who knew? So I am not ridiculously low anymore....that was GREAT news. He was happy about my yellow poop as well.....that yellow poop always brings smiles to people's faces....personally my nose can't stand it!

So that is the only appointment this week.....this is our week of no appointments with the exception of cardiology. And what a great week so far for it....."the sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you..."oh, I must have caught the "bust out in song" chromosome from Gramma! Well, I will fill you in with the rest of my 100th evening later. Talk to you soon. God bless.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 99 - 14 Weeks!

Happy Birthday to me!....again! Last night, I had kind of a tummy ache and was crying out but not totally waking up....this was ok for me but not so ok for Mommy. She is trying this new schedule with me and playing around with my food since I have not been digesting it all....she feeds me more but with longer time between feeds....we'll see how my tummy takes it. SO far, it's just ok....I still have some left in my tummy and then Mom puts more in....makes me gag....or maybe it's that tube....or maybe it's just that I am a baby! I know why, but it's a secret and I just can't find the words to tell Mom and Dad what it is. So, we all headed outside again today. Mommy got some flowers in her garden, Jonathan found some worm friends, Joshua played chess on his new super cool Transformer chess board (which he is so excited about and absolutely had to have a picture of him and his board on Jacob's blog to share with everybody!), and Daddy FINISHED THE CLUBHOUSE! Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is not a part left is really cool, I went up in the Magic Clubhouse AND (get this!!!) I WENT DOWN THE SLIDE! (with Daddy).

Mom went for a quick nap while us boys hung out. Then we did Happy Birthday with a candle in a bowl of ice cream before Daddy headed to work. Gramma and Grampa came over with some dinner.....chicken, salad and corn-on-the-cob....nothing for I just snoozed. Then we did Happy Birthday again with yummy cookies (Good thing Daddy was working... he would have ate them all!) I hung out with Gramma....she is so funny. I want to tell her so badly but I just can't seem to do it....I'm working on it.....this whole laughing thing and giggling thing is hard....I do it all the time on the inside but I just can't seem to get my face to work yet....I'm working on it though.

Mom helped Gramma get a few things ready for Auntie Juli's wedding shower and then it was just me and Mom. She fed me, caught up on some TV, and then we dozed. Over all, it was a great 99th day....everyday is a blessing from above.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 98!

So last night Daddy decided that he would be super nice and let Mommy sleep in the bed and he would spend the night on the couch with me. Needless to say that wasn't such a great idea. Mommy ended up waking up freaking out because she couldn't find me and Daddy tried every position imaginable to get comfortable - including some on the floor - to no avail. Daddy just didn't understand that I'm not comfortable unless I'm on Mommy's chest! So somewhere around 4:30 AM I finally passed out on Daddy and somewhere around 7 something Joshua came busting out of his room ready to play. Daddy made the hand off to Mommy and headed for bed! Apparently Mommy didn't have the heart to wake Daddy up in time for us to make it to church. Or she wasn't used to having that much sleep and couldn't keep track of the time, or she just couldn't bare to watch me freak out in my car seat one more time... anyways, we didn't make it to church... sorry to all of you watch me when you should be listening to the pastor!
Daddy's just about finished with the Magic Clubhouse. With a little help from Jonathan and Mommy he got the swing portion up! Joshua and Jonathan enjoyed swinging on the swings but especially liked the glider - because they both can ride it at the same time! Of course, Jonathan already fell off of it onto his head once, but he's a tough kid! So I'm sitting here watching and I'm thinking, "Where's the baby seat!??!?!" Mommy says she'd get me one even though she knows that I hate swings. She always tries to get me to sleep in one at home but I can't stand them. I think they make my heart beat correctly or something... and it freaks me out!

The boys played outside and got nice and dirty late into the evening and then came inside for a shower and a quick dinner before going off to bed. Of couse, they wanted to get their fix of their baby brother first! I took a little nap and then watched a little TV before heading off to bed myself! Hopefully tomorrow Daddy will get the slide on the Magic Clubhouse and I'll be able to go down it! Until then.... May God continue to bless you as He does me!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 97!

Well today was a beautiful day! It was sunny and warm out... so much that Jonathan wanted to open our swimming pool! My brothers wanted to go swimming so bad they were begging Mommy and Daddy to go to the Y to swim. Mommy and Daddy decided that going to the Y on the nicest day of the year was not a good idea, so instead we headed outside! Daddy started working on the playground again for a few minutes until my brothers talked us all into riding their bikes to the playground down the street. This was our first big trip with Joshua and his 2 wheeler with training wheels! He did great! I think Mommy and Daddy were scared out of their minds since the streets around us don't have sidewalks and they were trying to keep an eye on two boys on bikes and me in a stroller! But we made it to the park safely... so much excitement I decided to take a nap! After my brothers played on the playground, we went on the bike path where Joshua proceeded to show everybody exactly how fast he could go on those new training wheels! Daddy had to run to keep up with him. He even left crazy-driver-Jonathan sucking dust! Me and Mommy were way in the back since I wasn't strapped into my stroller and Mommy had on sandals! Just you wait, boy! One of these days I'll catch up to you big guys! Somehow, we made it all the way home and Daddy went back to work on the playground. We all helped here and there in between sleeping or playing with sticks or throwing rocks or playing chess or making lunch... Can you guess which one I was doing? That's right.... THROWING ROCKS! No... just kidding... that was probably Jonathan. He was trying to be Huck Finn or something running around the yard all day with no shoes on! I was playing CHESS! Got you again! That was Joshua! He was up in the treehouse (also with his shoes off) playing chess with Daddy. Daddy kept trying to get away and put that next piece on the playhouse, but Joshua kept calling him back to play more chess... and even a game of checkers! Joshua 3-1-1. Daddy 1-3-1. Daddy says he was playing "speed chess" to try and end the game quick so he could work more, but I just think that Joshua is getting better than him! So even though they took some breaks to take care of me and my brothers and my Mommy from time to time... here's the progress they made today:
Yep, that picture above was taken in the new porch on the new picnic table in the Magic Clubhouse. Jonathan said it was a "picture of the whole family.... well, the whole AWAKE family." Yep, that's right... I was sleeping!
Well after we finally stopped working on our day off, we all got cleaned up and went to Wegman's for dinner! We had some subs and chicken fingers ....and milk for me of course... and then went and did some shopping! After we came home and got the boys to bed we watched some American Idol.... guess what I do during American Idol....

Yep... you guessed it... and apparently it's contagious!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Day 96!

This morning Mommy got up real early and headed off to get her hair cut. Here's a shot of her with it all done... doesn't she look beautiful!?!?!? Her friend Kelly set up the appointment for her and invited Joshua and Jonathan over to her house to play with her kids so that me and Daddy could spend some time together. Daddy was hoping to catch up on some sleep but I made sure he didn't waste his time on that! I had to make up for all that time he's been missing out on going to that "work" place... so I kept him busy feeding me, getting my medicine, and changing my (multiple) diapers (hee hee)! I had to remind him what he's been missing out on! I've been having some digestion issues lately, but he did a good job monitoring my food and helping me through the gagging/thinking-about-puking-stage. We also had a real sweet time of just talking, snuggling, and playing with my zebra and cow! Here's some shots of me playing "Find the Cow" with Daddy. Some times I just like to stare at that silly looking thing for hours! Finally I passed out in his lap... I'm sure he was trying to figure a way to put me down and go work on the clubhouse... but he didn't!
Once Mommy came home with the boys... well, that's a different story. Out they went into the sun to start working on our "Magic Clubhouse!" I'm sure my brothers played more than they worked but Daddy trudged on through the afternoon... only stopping to have a picnic with my brothers (I was asleep inside), and to talk with Gramma and Grampa when they showed up. So here's the progress that he made today: Not bad right? Well don't mention to him about the walls and the roof. It seems Daddy had the walls on and most of the roof done and me and Mommy came out to check up on him and Mommy noticed that al the planks were on backwards! Daddy hated to admit it, but she was right. So off they all came so he could do it again! Daddy hasn't caught on to that idea of "work smarter, not harder!" Daddy headed off to work and Gramma and Grampa spent the night with me, Mommy and my brothers. They've been on vacation for the past couple of days so it sure was nice to see them! Well, I should go... I here my cow/zebra calling me!