Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 135!

I'm not sure if I told you this, but Mommy and I migrated back to the couch. It just was not working for Daddy since he is not used to my noises and, honestly, Mommy is a little too used to my noises and can sleep through lots of them. Daddy just was not resting and he was a bear! So Mommy and I have been back on the couch for the past few nights. It really isn't that bad...ask Mom...she really is ok with it....she is so tired, she can sleep just about anywhere!

We headed out early this morning to go to see my cardiologist. He was glad to see me. He actually visited the blog the one time and that one time happened to be the day I had my real bad apnea spells so he told us today that he will never visit it again!....he gets to see me in person and takes care of me so I guess he can get away with it...he really is one of my biggest fans but he just is in a different way. He actually didn't know about my bad spells these past few weeks....he got onto Mom for not calling him and made sure that if there is a next time of bad days, to give him a call and he will help where he can. He checked me out as well as 3 other residents/interns/docs.....I look and sound as good as I can....no earth shaking news....which is good.

I was sleepy the rest of today and kind of just hung out in my boppy. My belly is getting bigger again.....my nurse is coming by tomorrow to check me out so we'll see what she thinks.

Mom got outside a bit to do some work in her garden. She got a garden cherub from Busia that is a little boy holding a heart as well as a plant called "Jacob's Ladder" and Mommy has my garden stepping stone. So, Mom is out there trying to figure out how to arrange it all to make it look really nice. We'll have pics for you once she has all her flowers and plants where she wants them.

Miss Maureen from CompassionNet came by to catch up with Mom a bit and take care of some of my financial expenses that are not covered under insurance....there are very few but the program takes care of it and we have nothing to worry about. It is great and we are so blessed to be enrolled and served by their services.

Well, I am off to bed....or is it "off to couch"??!?!?!


Anonymous said...

This blog gives Jacob, a trisomy survivor, a true voice. Every time a medical professional logs on, a victory is won because the next T18 survivor that person treats will be seen as a child first instead of a statistic. Thank you Fahmer family!!! You are changing the world one doctor at a time.

Anonymous said...

Jacob: I love you and your fam...please write as soon as you're up - I was worried today when I didn't see a post for so long. Always in my prayers and always in my heart!
Love, Leah from Seattle