Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Very First Fanmail!

Well Miss Judy is officially the first fan to get me an email with a picture of her and her fanclub stuff! She writes:
"Dear Jacob,This is how I start my day, every morning with a cup of coffee or tea and reading your blog. I love using the cup I got because it is a physical reminder to pray for you and your family.I love you little man, keep being, grandma judy"
Isn't that AWESOME! I got more pics to show you of my Mommy in her Jacob Gear and me swimming in a Jacobbib... but I'll make you wait in order to build the suspense! I know there's more Jacob Fanclub stuff out there... so send me the pics! I'm especially anxious for a really "BIG" secret project that someone in South Africa is working on for me... I wonder what it will be.... you don't think they'll put my face on an elephant or anything do you? :)


Cathy said...

If they put that precious face on an elephant, it sure would be the cutest elephant EVER! I think the whole world begins their day and maybe even like me ends their day reading about Jacob. Actually, I look morning, noon and night. You are too cute. Praying here in Texas. CAthy & Annabel

Michelle said...

Yay for your fan club.

I can't wait till next month when my hubby gets a nice big profit share check, then I can buy some goodies. I just hope the exchange rate stays stable.

We're praying for you.


Christina said...

I just wanted to say that I love you, Fahmer family. You are constantly in my prayers.