Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 130!!!!

Who would have thunk....130 days!?!? Lord, thank you for all the moments here surrounded by my family, friends, and your faithful provision.

It was a good night. The three of us are working it out. I have been just waking once to eat and I am easily calmed with my paci. Dad is a bed hog like Mom said....but Mom is a cover hog like Dad said....I have my own personal space so I just let the two of them work out their issues.

I headed off to the YMCA to watch Joshua and Jonathan's Gym & Swim classes today. I met Miss Jill, the boys life guard, for the first time, as well as Miss Andrea, Joshua's substitute gym teacher, and they both just couldn't get enough of me....more girlfriends added to my blogger fanclub!...hey ladies!

When we pulled in the driveway, Busia had already made her way out here....she brought a big juicy piece of beef for lunch/dinner. Mom cooked under Busia's advising and Busia did what she is best at....loving on me! She stayed all afternoon and helped around the house. Miss Michelle came to do my massage today....I took it all in and loved every minute of it.

Gramma and Grampa came to visit and brought dinner. The boys got outside a bit and Mom got an hour nap in. Gramma gave me a bath....the last few baths I have not been real happy and this one was no exception. I yelled at her the whole time. She tried to dunk me but I was paying attention at the YMCA today and learned how to blow bubbles! I was ok.

I was fussy on and off all day but it was better than the last few days. I have been through so much and we all need to vent sometimes. Mom just loves me through it....and plugs me up with my paci!

Can't wait to get those pictures from my fan club members....we know those of you who bought things! Have a blessed Friday and tell someone you are glad you know never know how much that may mean to someone. God Bless!


Laurie said...

Hi Jacob,

I am especially glad that I KNOW you little man. You are such an inspiration in this crazy world and you just bless my heart. I am glad to hear that you are doing better and letting off a little steam. It's not good to keep frustration bottled up inside. You are so loved and so blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful people who visit and bring lunch and dinner to your family. I know it blesses your mommy so much to have help. Your mommy is Super Mom in my eyes, what a wonderful example to mommies everywhere. Your life blesses me in my hope for Trisomy babies to have quality lives while blessing so many. I love you little guy, and your mommy too. Give her a big hug for me. Praying for you guys all the time.

Love you, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Happy Day 130, Jacob! That is a huge number, and I'm thrilled to celebrate with you and your dear family.

Don't you just marvel at the plan God has for you and your family!?! We serve a mighty God, and I feel very blessed to be a part of your life and your prayer team! Please remind your Mom, Dad, Brothers and many others about all of us who are thinking about and praying for you!

You are loved! - Lynne B.

Kathryn said...

Man I wish I got a massage!!

Glad to hear you are doing great!
Keep it up

PS:I took that recipe for the bread you posted the other day and I am making it , only 8 days to go until I get to enjoy some Jacob bread

Nichole said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now. I have fallen in love with Jacob.
I have one question. Would you post a picture of him in the baby doll crib? How precious that is... and I would love to see it.
God bless you little Jacob

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob,
Please tell your Mama that she is evidence of the good in this world, and that she is loved and an inspiration to the rest of us Mommies everywhere.
Love from Texas