Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 110!

I had a pretty good night last night....although I woke up like Mommy does...VERY cranky! I cranked almost all morning until my nurse, Miss Stacy came to visit. It was the first time meeting her. She was really nice and knew all about me from all my Essential Care friends who faithfully follow me. She checked me out and said Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job. We may see her again next week too. She was easily scared though....I filled my pants and she was out the door before I knew it....that's good to know in case she comes in with some needles or something.

Once she left and I filled my diaper I was no longer I slept...the whole day away (not good for Mom!)

I then played under my new little black and white gym thing Mom got for me....I loved it! It has some red in it...I was just soooo busy looking at all the contrasting was great!

Miss Sue came over and brought Mommy and my brothers some nice. I decided that I had enough visual stimulation and I knew Miss Sue was dying to hold me so I fussed. And sure enough, she picked me up and held me for hours while Mom got the boys in bed and did some other things that require two hands. Miss Sue loves babies and she especially loved the fact that I was keeping her warm. It was a great trade off. I did some showing off and showed her how I snore and sleep with me eyes open....she loved it all.

Well, time for some grub. Gotta run. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Nate and Tony love the colors black, white and red as well! Their new favorite toy is a musical Elmo that they sometimes fight over; they really love it.
I'm glad that you had another lovely and blessed day, Jacob. We are still praying and giving thanks to our God!!!
He is good....

dr_bristow said...

I LOVE reading your blog! And the pictures are adorable. Praying for you all!

Laurie said...

Here on this day 110, I am thankful to check in on you and see you are having good days and lots of love. Stay well little man and keep amazing us in the Lords goodness. I love you Jacob. Give your mom a hug and smile for me will you?

Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Hope you've been having a good weekend with your brothers, Mommy and Daddy. I continue to praise God that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. When I read your blog, I think about how amazing it is that so many people are praying for you. God's love is mighty big! You are loved, Jacob.

Love, Lynne B.