Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 116!

Guess what I did? I actually went in my swing....and enjoyed it?!?! Mom put me in it while I was calm and awake and I just hung out in it for like 2 hours. I dozed off every once in a while. Dad came home from taking Joshua & Jonathan to the YMCA and he didn't know where I was....he even wanted to know if I was medicated or something. It was pretty nice. I kept trying to look backwards out the window. I may even try it again some day. I was awake lots today. I enjoyed all my black & white play things and fussed a bit too. Mommy's friend Amy came over to visit Mom for the too.... she held me while Mom did some dishes and picked up a bit. I am still poopin' like a champ...I pooped all up my side and then when Mom got me nakie to change me, I turned on my cat-like speed and reflexes and stuck my hand in it and smeared it on my stuff...smelly but it comes in such a great shade of yellow and I was missing my yellow complexion I guess. I got washed up a bit and then rested for the evening. I slept close to Mommy who was acting funny in her sleep. She told me she kept dreaming I wasn't breathing and so she was up checking on me all night....she needs to relax a little bit more....there's a good idea for Mother's Day. Have a great Friday!


Cathy said...

I am so glad you are doing good. My friends that go to the links on Annabel's blog were getting a little worried. I hope your mommy can get some R&R for Mother's Day! I can tell you that you and your brothers will make the very best Mother's Day for her.
Cathy & Annabel

Michelle said...

So glad to her the pooper is working and that you are not giving your poop stiff competition with your skin colour.