Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 138!

I was a little fussy at 2:00am last night. Mom was not sure why and fed me a little early in case it was because I was hungry....wrong Mommy!....I spit up. I just had some gas and such that was moving around because of the lactulose I was given earlier. I awoke this morning still poofy. We, all 5 of us, headed to see Doc. Jonathan had his 4 year well-visit today and I had my weekly not-so-well-visit. Jonathan did great! He looks good...he's a little on the thin side but because of his good appetite, it's nothing concerning...more entertaining than anything. Then it was my turn to see Doc. As stated in my earlier post, I am on lasixs due to my water retention. Doc explained why my heart murmur was not as loud and Mom didn't understand it she called later and asked for them to explain again....she still is having a hard time has to do with the increase in pulmonary pressure therefore harder to hear the swishing of blood?? She'll figure it out and let it sink in, tell me about it and then I will tell you. Sometimes Mommy has a handle on things and then other times it just takes a bit to picture it all....she gets it over time but without knowing all the ins and outs, it takes a little time sometimes. I think she should be awarded and Honorary M.D.! they have those?..

After Doc, we went to Wegman's for some lunch and picked up a few things....diapers and bananas....the necessities of life. Then we picked up our van which was at the car doctor and after a minor procedure, it is all better.

I continued to have poofiness go to different places in my body (dependent edema) but nothing too discomforting.

Some of our friends from church came over, Miss Christen and Mr Steve (who actually held me this time!) and brought Mom some yummy soup. Joshua and Jonathan hammed it up for the company and pulled every trick out of their bag.....literally.....they were really silly. Then Miss Sara came for her Jacob fix. She stayed and chatted with Mom all was great company.
Now, I am all drugged up on my meds (nothing too crazy that it makes me loopy or anything), fed, ready for bed.....I am just gunna chill out with my zebra print and Mommy.....that's what I will get Mommy for her birthday!....a zebra print shirt so I will have the best of this world all in one spot!

Pics of the last few days are coming soon.....Have a great last day of May!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think this is the first time you are ahead of me on posting! I'm a late-night person, but you've got me beat tonight.

Sweet Jacob, I'm praying that the lasix and whatever else the doctors prescribe will help you feel better. I hope your swelling diminishes and you feel better soon.

Karen and Jason, you are amazing parents who inspire and challenge me to be a better parent! I think of you and pray for you often throughout my day. Thoughts of your three sweet boys come to my mind and make me think of them as well as my own children. I'm praying for a very relaxing and fun weekend for you and your family.

With much love, Lynne B.

grandma judy said...

Jacob my man you have the best of all places in your wonderful family. God blessed you when He gave you your wonderful family. He knew that you would be truly loved and cared for.
And yes I think mom should have an honorary degree all moms that have to go to more Dr. appts than normal get one of those, because sometimes they are smarter than the Dr.s, but not your Dr.s they know how to take care of you. Have a good day my little, Grandma judy

Jack said...

Hi Jacob
I wanted to let you know you have a friend in Australia who looks in on you several times each day. I did not want you to think I have forgotten you, as your detailed map is not registering me. I am praying that you will stay strong.
Love Sharon

Laurie said...

Love you Jacob and praying for you little man. Praying for mommy and daddy too. Have a great day #138! Wow you amaze me!!

Love, Laurie in Ca.