Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 111!

111! I hope you don't know what they call that in bowling! Let's just say if you get a 111 in bowling the scorekeeper puts two little angled lines on the top to form what looks like an outhouse! I bet Daddy wishes sometimes he could change my diapers in an outhouse cuz man can I stink up the place lately! Woo Hoo!
I think I exhausted Mommy last night she woke Daddy up to come and change my diapers while she got some rest. I was pretty fussy so Daddy put me in my bouncy thing while my brothers watched some silly movie about police men and firefighters... it bored me to sleep.
Ms. Julie the art therapist came over to start a major project with my brothers. First they painted some gems (different kinds of macaronni) and then they designed their own shields for battle! Unfortunately they ran out of time and weren't able to glue their gems on their shields... but there's always next week! We'll keep you updated!
Afterwards we headed to Aunt Josie's house. My Daddy and brothers headed off to the comic book store with my cousin Matt-Man because it was free comic book day and I stayed back with Mommy and Aunt Josie. Well... not just Aunt Josie... you're never alone in Aunt Josie's house... there's wild animals prowling around seeking whom they may devour! That's right... she has cats. Mommy's not a huge fan of cats because they make her eyes water and her nose sneeze. I'm not a huge fan of cats either because they try to get in my car carrier (even though I HATE it I'm still protective of my stuff!). And as if that's not bad enough... this one cat... I think they call it the Killer Beast... or maybe Chloe... snuck up and started checking me out. I tried to feign indifference when really I was pooping myself. No really. I was pooping myself. I do that a lot. Anyways... she starts sniffing my head, then my eyes, then she got down to my nose and then my mouth. At this point she opened up her mouth as if she was going to eat me. Good thing Mommy and Aunt Josie were on to her viciousness and swatted her away! Whew.
We dragged my brothers away from their first introduction to a Wii (I don't know what the big deal was... I wee all the time!) and took them to Gramma and Grampa's. Then me and Mommy and Daddy went on another dinner date. Afterwards we went shopping for black and white fabrics to make a flip book for me to look at. While at the store Mommy and Daddy ran into some friends from the past. One of them was Mommy and Daddy's ring bearer in their wedding. They said he was a lot smaller back then. I hope I grow like that!
The rest of the night consisted of me being fussy and having trouble eating and sleeping. Please pray that things get better as I'm not liking this at all!


Emily said...

I just have to wish you a happy 112th before I go to bed, sweet Jacob!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"For He will give His angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways..." Tonight, I'm praying that God's angels surround all of you to grant you a good night's sleep. Jacob, I hope your tummy settles down and allows you to eat and sleep peacefully. I'm also praying that God surrounds your parents with His almighty peace and strength.

Sweet dreams - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is the girl that cut your fabric at JoAnns! I just wanted to let you know that I visited the site and read about Jacob. He is so precious and I will keep him and your family in my prayers. He is really lucky to have a family like yours!