Saturday, May 24, 2008


Woo-Hoo for Saturdays. Sleeping in, no school, no work....just crazy cleaning ladies coming to the house and sparkling things up. Ok, it was just Gramma and her dear friend Bonnie but they sure did a great thing for Mommy. Since she is very busy taking care of me and my brothers and in her free time she doens't exactly want to clean (she would rather stare at me, do something with my brothers, or sleep) Bonnie and Gramma packed up their cleaning supplies and blitzed the house....they were the Merry Maids! Bonnie even made us dinner! Now, just so you know the magnitude of how thoughtful and giving this act was, Bonnie has her own cleaning lady and Gramma wishes she had her own cleaning lady! But boy was it helped out soooooo much! Thank you Merry Maids!
Miss Julie (art therapist) had stopped over earlier and played with some Model Magic....Mom and her were the last two playing since they like it more than my brothers. Daddy opened up the pool only to discover that something is leaking! :( I was really looking forward to swimming in it this summer! Apparently so was Jonathan... but he didn't wait... he decided to check out Daddy's lifesaving skills! When Daddy was looking at a valve on the side of the pool Jonathan decided to try and get a bug out of the pool and it apparently was just out of his reach and ...SPLASH! Followed by a bigger SSPPLLAASSHH (Daddy-to-the-rescue!) Maybe we will be better off if the pool is broken! Man, it's only been opened one day! Anyhow... at my size, just give me an old ice cream container and I'm good for a swim! :)
To end the night I caught up on my sleep, er, I mean, American Idol... I still don't know who won...I was out on mommy's chest within 5 minutes! I don't know what my parents are going to do to get me to sleepnow that the show is over... I hope they kept some episodes for me to watch later! Off to my cozy bed!

P.S~Hey fan Nichole, check out my crib in post Day 129.


Jack said...

Hi Guys
I just wanted to let you know that Faith Ann Webb sadly passed away the day she was born . Her funeral service was on Saturday. Sorry if you already know this.
Sharon from Australia

Jack said...

Hi Jacob,
Keep holding on little man. Praying for you and thinking of you all the time.

` love Sharon from Australia

Michelle said...

I love seeing Joshua holding Jacob. I love how he loves on Jacob.

Yay for someone else cleaning your house. I have someone who comes once every 2 weeks but she's been on leave for May and I'm really missing her!!