Sunday, August 30, 2009


Anyone who has been given the blessing of a child knows that sitting and staring becomes a regular activity. I did this with all of my children. But there is something very different about this time with Jeremiah and we have Jacob to thank for that. From January 14th, 2008 until the morning of May 31st, 2008, I stared at a baby who was made with perfection, yet not made to be here for very long. I stared at a baby who's heart didn't beat to the same tune, who's breaths were few and far between at times, who's coordination did not allow him to suck and swallow milk from his mother or from a bottle, who's brain never allowed him to smile or laugh intentionally, who could not open and close his fist around my finger. For a few hours of my life on May 31, 2008, I held and stared at a body that no longer had a heart beat or took breaths and had no option to eat or to smile and laugh or grasp my finger.

Until you have not, you do not realize what you have.

Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't change a single thing about Jacob....he was perfectly made to be used by God in amazing ways. Jacob has already impacted Jeremiah so much in the nine months in my womb and in these two weeks of life outside the womb. I stare at Jeremiah, not the same way I did when Joshua and Jonathan were newborns because they were before I went without. I have stared at them since Jacob with the amazement of the privilege it is to gaze at their very active bodies and invest in their eternal souls. And now this newborn that lays beside he captivates me. How I notice his heart beats beautiful perfect music. How I notice his lungs sing of health with every rise and fall of his chest. How I notice his strong feeding abilities that cause me to just gaze in amazement of the preciousness I hold on my chest. How I notice his smile and sleepy laughs that rise up in me and bring smiles and laughter to my soul. How I notice as his stunningly long fingers curl around mine and grip. How I notice he is alive and well. I have learned. These are not things to go unnoticed and unappreciated as they had in the past. These are miracles. These are things to sit in amazement at. These are the things only a Creator controls. What gifts my children are. Thank God for them so I can see the beautiful miracle of creation. It truly is amazing.

Just sit, stare and be amazed at the miracles children are by just being.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photography Blessings

So, it seems that I am a spoiled princess. My Heavenly Father not only provides me with every need but He goes above and beyond and blesses me with things that I just plain want! I LOVE photography. My home is decorated with images that professional photographers have captured of my children. In the past year and a half, God has burdened not one, not two, not three, but FOUR professional photographers to bless our family with their time and talents.

Two were with Jacob:

and now with Jeremiah:

Chelse just joined the list this past week. She had run a Mother's Day competition where a dear friend of mine nominated me and Chelse picked our story as the competition winner....she liked how Jacob's story has helped others and we have used it to touch people for good. So, Monday we did a newborn session. She was so sweet and was great to work with....even with a determined to be awake baby! Chelse posted some teaser photos from our session on her blog: . They are beautiful photos and I cannot wait to see the rest. Thank you Chelse for capuring this season of our lives!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Our friend Kelly just started a photo business ( recently and she just dropped off the digital versions of the photoshoot of the family prior to Jeremiah's arrival. Thought yall might want to take a gander. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Our Arms

Video From About 2 Hours After Birth - Meeting the Brothers


Jeremiah Gabriel Fahmer
Born 8/15/09 5:05 pm
7 lbs 5 Ounces 20.75 inches long

Saturday, August 15, 2009

What A Day! Whew!

So Karen got up at 9am this morning contracting. Pretty good but spread apart. The boys had their baseball picnic and awards at 10 am so we went with our luggage in the car and with Gramma and Grampa already prepared to take Joshua and Jonathan should we have to exit early. Walking through the ball fields the contractions got closer and closer together. We were able to see both boys get their awards and play a little before Karen decided it was time to get closer to the hospital since we're a good 40-50 minutes away from the hospital we were supposed to deliver at. We drove in with contractions about every 5-6 minutes. They took us into the triage area and put Karen on the monitors and checked her cervix. She was still only dialated 3. How disappointing! But her contractions were still coming regular and getting harder. The doctor was hesitant to send us away so he convinced Karen to stay at least an hour and let him check her again. I got her some light food to eat since she was getting shaky since she missed the wonderful baseball picnic hotdog lunch! After the hour was up the doctor checked her again and she was still a 3! He advised us that he would discharge her, but if she could stay somewhere close for the night it wouldn't be a bad idea just in case! We were discharged at 3 pm. We made the trek home with Karen contracting all the way. We arrived home approximately 3:45 pm and spoke with the boys for about 5 minutes and then Karen went to take a shower. On her way up the stairs her water broke! We were back in the car heading back to the hospital by 4 pm! We arrived at the hospital at approximately 4:25 pm. ((Shhh... don't tell the police! It's actually fun when you have a good reason to drive at approximately 100 MPH and to go through red lights! How exhilerating!)) And it's a good thing that Dad drove fast because Jeremiah was born at 5:05 pm! There was no stopping that boy from coming out! We hardly had time to get into a room and we didn't even have time to sign all the paperwork! The doctors weren't ready ... but Jeremiah was! There was a flurry of about 12-15 different nurses and doctors going this way and that but Karen pushed maybe three times and that boy came flying out - making it difficult for the doctor to catch him! Half the doctors who were supposed to be there didn't even arrive until after he was born! :)

He is beautiful.

Sorry no pictures... I expected him to be a world-wide phenomenon by now, but I left the camera with Karen at the hospital when I came home to put the boys down for the night. Tomorrow there will be pictures. Promise.

Joshua absolutely can't wait to go hold his baby brother tomorrow. Jonathan fell asleep on the car ride home (much slower than the car ride there by the way!). Me and Joshua had a good conversation about Jacob and Jeremiah. Joshua recognized that we were at the hospital where Jacob was born and of course had questions about whether Jeremiah was going to grow up and be healthy or if he was going to live a short life like Jacob. It was a great time of talking about how God is in control of each of our lives - how He is the Giver and Taker of lives and that our lives are but a vapor that appears for a moment and vanishes away. We got to talk about how we need to live each day for God for we don't know how long we have on this earth. Joshua then asked me why Jacob wanted to go up to heaven, or why God wanted Jacob in heaven instead of on earth. While I admitted that I don't pretend to know all the answers to that profound question, I did offer to him this idea: Sometimes God puts things in our lives to change us to be more like Him and to rely on Him and to know Him better. I believe that Jacob accomplished that in his short life and glorified God in that pursuit. We shared about how Jacob changed us, and changed our family, and changed our friends and even how Jacob changed some of you all around the world! And if that's all that God did through Jacob, then that's enough for me. His legacy lives on... oh to know the impact that he has left on each life.... only in Heaven.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Awaiting Jeremiah

We are 4 days out from my due date and have yet to hold our sweet little man on this side of the womb. Our calendar is strategically empty due to the fact I had all my boys early. Our days are filled with enjoying our oldest two, remembering our third, and awaiting our active fourth. Jeremiah has been "knocking" for 9 days now....contractions consistent but not strong, then strong not consistent, then gone, then back again...perpetual labor. He keeps us guessing, waiting, excited, and reminds us that every day is a gift in womb or out! much like his brother Jacob! :)

So please keep us in prayer as we await the time to proceed to the hospital....we've attempted the trip once after 10 hours of consistent contractions but stopped short as they completely stopped on our way!....please pray for a safe delivery as we attempt a VBAC after 19 months, please pray for the big brothers as their lives take this step yet again into tangible brotherhood, please pray for us all as we await without anxiety but thankfulness for all the seasons life gives us. Thank you and we look forward to sharing Jeremiah with you soon. Love, Karen