Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 131!

I had a pretty good night with Mom and Dad again. I have been sleeping through pretty well waking kind of early to be fed but I go right back to sleep in my nice cozy doll bed. Mom and I had a nice morning with Joshua and Jonathan while Daddy slept in a bit....we read books, played games, Joshua held me while Mom made breakfast....good morning! Then Mom and I headed to see Doc and Company. It was kind of crazy busy there....they are changing things around and it makes it kind of hectic. We had to wait which is something totally new to me....usually I show up and they take me right back but today we waited for a while in the waiting room and in the examining room. I weighed in at 5 lbs 14 oz. I know that you all were waiting for me to climb over that 6 lb mountain but I've had a couple of hard weeks which has required me to get off the high calorie formula that I had been used to. So don't worry... we'll get that weight back up there!
After my doctor's appointment we headed over to Great Nana's and Papa's! While I was there Uncle Jay came in to say Hi too! Great Papa just loves to fiddle and play with me... too bad Great Nana is always swishing him away! She probably just wants me all to herself!
Then we headed home to see Daddy and the boys before Daddy headed off to work. Then an unbelievable phenomenon occurred. Perhaps it was a black hole or a rip in the space time continuum. Some might say we were abducted by aliens. Others might say it was the Space Station that Gramma saw fly over her house (for real!). Maybe our overtired frazzled brains went in to auto pilot for the evening, I don't know... but it seems that none of us can recall what happened to the rest of our evening. Mommy doesn't remember. Joshua can't remember if he can remember. And Jonathan says he remembers but then just makes up silly stories! I certainly don't remember but chances are I was just asleep anyways! Who knows... you ever have one of those moments? You know you did SOMETHING but you just can't grab the memory in your brain? Oh well... whatever it was I'm sure we enjoyed it thoroughly and will treasure it forever.... if we can ever remember what it was!

p.s. I'm using my Daddy's blogger account again... sorry to confuse anyone!


amanda said...

Still praying for you Jacob! You are so loved! It shows on all your family's faces! Sweet pictures! and what precious boys you and your brothers are!

Michelle said...

I love all the pictures with you and your great grandparents.

Please let mommy and daddy have a look in their e-mail in the next few days/weeks for a BIG surprise I'm doing for you!

Glad to hear you're doing so well in your new bed!

tons of O (hugs) and X (kisses)

Kerri said...

Hi, Karen! I have been reading your blog. We had no idea about baby Jacob until I heard from Jessica (new kind of normal). Your entire family is in our prayers.

Mark and Kerri Sewell and girls