Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jacob's Second Baby Brother

We welcomed our 5th Baby Boy into this world Saturday July 23rd at 2:21am! Job Patrick Fahmer wasted no time in his grand entrance just like his big brothers Jonathan and Jeremiah!...we got to the hospital at 1:20am and he was born an hour later.

Why the name Job (long o sound)? Well, although we know most people will call him job (short o sound) and he will be "job farmer" most of his life....we decided that the name meant more than having to correct everyone that walks into his life. We wanted the biblical name Job so we didn't want to add any vowels just to appease those who don't know the name. Do not look up the meaning of the name Job! isn't pretty (I know you will now, so let me save you the means "hated one and persecuted one"). So why name such a perfect precious gift of life a name that means awful things?!??! You have to look beyond the meaning and into the life of the man he is named after.

Job. A man of immense Godly character. In Job 2:3, God-the Creator of all life-the Beginning and the End- says about this earthly man Job, "There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. And he shall maintain his integrity.." Um, God himself calls him blameless and upright. That is the man this baby is named after. Yes, biblical Job's life has this unbelievable season of suffering, but God used that life to give us a look behind the scenes of this world and into the true power of his love for us. How we pray that our little Job here will someday hear God say that he was blameless, upright, and most of all, a man who fears God. Read through the book of Job (not easy happy-go-lucky reading), follow this man's season of triumphant suffering and see how his conversations with God shed light on our worldly lives to reveal the bigger picture of this life. The name is worth the headache of correcting people.

The Patrick came about because we found out that he was a boy on St. Patrick's Day....and although it began as a corny joke, the sound of that name was beautiful to me and despite all efforts to try other things, Job Patrick was what stuck and sounds just perfect.

"Job Patrick Fahmer, you are loved beyond words and beyond this world. May your life here bless the Lord and bring others to see the face of Christ on your's."