Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 108!

So last night was an ok night....I had some gas issues from 3:30am-4:30am (rough on Mom) but I got through it. Then Mom went to rest once Dad was up so I decided to give Dad a know those new newborn diapers I am in at night....well they are just a little big around the legs so I managed to squish my poop right through that flaw....Dad used like the whole container of wipes! was great fun!

We just hung out as a family and then Mom got into this organizing toys and brothers toys are now all categorized and on shelves....what a weird mood.

Mom dressed me in my new is so cute that even Joshua noticed and told me it was a cute outfit. Picture will come soon.

I hung out with Mom and we went to bed pretty early. Good day over all.


Kenzie said...

SO thankful that Jacob continues to do so well... 108 days... amazing!

Kenzie Stanfield

Michelle said...

That is a cute outfit. I think your dad deserve a medal for managing to clean you up.

When Seth and Joshua's daddy cleans a nappy like that you hear all about it. Seth and I think its hystrical hearing daddy gag.