Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 118!

Rough night. I had a hard time with my new tummy med and my new formula.....too much new...I am a creature of habit so I think it was just too much for me. I will hopefully adjust...after I spit up a little here, have some gas there, tough poopies over there.....I'll get throgh it though...I'm tough!...and this will help me be tougher.

Miss Jennifer Santora (one of my fabulous photographers....see the beautiful pics on the right side bar at the bottom....that is her work....amazing!) came over for another photo shoot. As you can see, her pictures were amazing last time so I thought I would give her a little bit of a challenge.....a crying baby....try and make those pictures awesome...she was up for the challenge though so we'll see.

After the photo shoot, I was tired from all my fussing so Mom and I took a nap while the big boys went outside and played superheros....Joshua=Batman, Jonathan=Superman, Daddy=Wolverine....quite the battles. We headed off for an early dinner at none-other-than APPLEBEE'S....Jonathan's favorite. We all ate like champs. When we got home, our neighbor Kaitlyn and her friend gave us a concert in their yard....cute girls. Daddy headed off for a night out with the boys....he left me here where the girls gathered....awwwwe DAD??!?!...what's up with leaving me with the girls am I ever going to get super manly if I don't play Hold 'Em?!??! Girls just sit and gab, each chocolate and talk about baby weight....what I would do for that baby weight!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all and sending Love and Kisses and of course Prayers!
A. Linda
ps i think Alyssa's pancakes are especially known for putting on the pudge...even getting them second hand through your mommy might help ya :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus!!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!
I LOVE the close-ups of you Jacob!!! You have such beautiful eyes!!!
We are always thinking of and praying for you!
The Booth family
Worcester, MA