Friday, May 30, 2008

Update on my Poofiness

Howdy. Just wanted to let you know that I went to see Doc today. I weighed in at 6 pounds 5 ounces.....up 7 ounces since last week.....the water retention plays into that so don't get too excited! Doc checked me out and found that my massive heart murmur is not as loud as it usually cardiologist heard it the other day too. Doc called and spoke with him and they decided that a small dose of lasix daily would be a good idea. The reason for my heart murmur to be like that? It has to do with the amount of fluid pumping to my lungs....Mom is still processing it once she figures it out and tells me, I will tell you. Why the bloating?....lots of possibilities but nothing that can be nailed down and said to explain it all. I have heart issues, liver issues and possibly kidney issues....all of these make me a candidate for water retention....lasix is actually something that my docs have thought I would need since I was born so it is amazing I've made it this far without them. Doc said that I look good. This whole thing is not a sign of any downward is just something to take care of and move on...that is good. So that is my update. My day is not yet over so I will do my Day 138 update later.

P.S. ~ Oh and Miss know who you are......where's my picture of you in your green "Official Fan of Jacob" shirt?!?!


Anonymous said...

Not a medical profesional, but we have had experience with lasix, and it is quickly depletes the body's potassium levels. So Jacob, unless you are prepared to chow down on some bananas, you need to remind your adoring medical community to keep a very close eye on your levels! I know you can do it!

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that the docs are taking good care of you! Your family definately does a great job of that too! Your little life is impacting so many Jacob! God Bless You!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I remember when Alex was on Lasiks and potassium for days, and days, it seemed to work really well though. I pray it takes care of your poofiness.