Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 134! Happy 19th Birthday to Me!

Now I'm legal in Canada! :) I am totally addicted to the new map....I LOVE to see the little light ring flash when one of my totally amazing fans logs on to check on me. Let me give a shout out those of you in my ancestor's country Poland!....I saw there was a hit in Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland.....Busia is Polish and many times she speaks to me in the beautiful Polish language.....she knows lots of beautiful sayings and says them with such affection and love....very honored to have you well as the rest of you.

So I turned 19 weeks tonight. Very cool. Today was the biggest celebration by far....there was this huge parade with lots of my fans, fire engines, police cars, clowns, Irish dancers, armed was a big to-do. We had our friends, the Reids & Fadales with us to see it all.
Really it wasn't about was about celebrating all the men and women who have fought and who are serving in the United States of America's Armed Forces. Thank you for fighting for our country and freedoms.....I can say "God" and "Jesus" and not fear for my life.....I can worship Him freely and tell others about the great things He has done for me without looking over my shoulder in fear.....thank you brave men and woman who are in our armed matter your service and when or where, you play a role. Thank you.

After the parade we headed back to the Reids for a cookout....I just chilled with my ladies....Delaney, Chloe, Emily, Lauren, Alexa....they just love me.

We rushed home because Dad had to work some hours and I had to catch up on some sleep. So Mom and my brothers went on with an evening of computer, gardening and bathing. Then, while I was napping, I heard the beautiful soft voices of Joshua and Jonathan singing "Happy Birthday" to was sooooooo sweet and soft...Mom got most of it on video but then the battery died!.....darn than silly thing! But it was a very nice and relaxing 19 week celebration.


The Sanchez Family said...

My husband says "thanks" for thinking of him today. He is not much on blogs but he asks me about you everyday. He just got back from Iraq and says that even over there he never has seen anyone so little! He compares you to our 9 month old, not fair I know, and is amazed by your strength! He loves the Lord like you do and says that he know the Lord will bless you.

The Sanchez Family
Melissa, Cesar, Zachary and Isaiah

Michelle said...

I love the photo's on today's post.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little Jacob!!

Cathy said...

Thank you God for giving us these wonderful 19 weeks of knowing Jacob and his precious family. He is a constant reminder of your awesome powers. Also thank you Jacob for thanking all those who have given us our freedom.
Cathy & Annabel

John & Staci said...

Hi Jacob,
You are such a handsome little guy and although we don't know you or your family please know that we are praying that you have many many many more birthday celebrations and parades! I haven't commented before but I finally had to tell you we're rooting for you here in South Carolina! Yeah Jacob!

God Bless you and your family,
The Bailey Family

Anonymous said... are so welcome and thank you for thinking of me on memorial day. i fought in the first gulf war, operation desert sheild and storm...and if the only reason why i fought in that war was so that you can have this blog...and you and your family can worship my family does...then it was so worth it. have a special 19th week little man. psssst go cowboy donkey!!!

asplashofsunshine said...

Ahhh, the picture of you and Mommy is sooo precious! Her shoulder certainly looks like the most cozy place to be. Soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

I give thanks too, Jacob, for the beautiful freedoms that these men and women gave and continue to give us.
We are praying Jacob, each and every day. You have strengthened our family's faith through God's power in you. I tell people about you and they cry because they feel God's presence in your story. Thank you Jesus!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial Day+!!! You are so right, Jacob, in that we have a special chance to thank all the men and women who are doing so much for us! Because of our soldiers, we are able to proclaim loudly and publicly that we serve a mighty, amazing God.

"Heavenly Father, how I praise you and thank you for Jacob, his family, and the many others who are praying for his development. Thank you for the many, many people who are calling upon you to deliver our soldiers back home and to deliver peace throughout the nations,"

Thanks for being our Almighty God!

Blessings - Lynne B.

Laurie said...

Happy birthday Jacob and I have to tell you that you are "hangin" with some really adorable "ladies" in these pictures. And it's okay if you shared in some of the celebration with the parade and all this weekend. You are a "hero" in your own right in my eyes:) Keep strong and blessed little man, you sure bless me with your big life.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Kim ( said...

Love the pictures! Happy 19th birthday. I love looking at you little guy as you share my Mary Grace's birthday! Looking at you reminds me of where Mary Grace would be if she was still here. I will keep praying for you - you are amazing!
With love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob,
The picture of you snuggling on your Mama's shoulder just struck me as so incredibly full of love! I know that the post had a "Memorial Day" theme, but I could not get past how that picture just choked me up! You are the funny man, but it is your mother's quiet strength that reminds me of our Blessed Mary. You could not be in better hands my love!
With Love From Texas :)