Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 127 ~ My 18 Week Birthday!

You will never guess what I slept in last night and where?!?! Mom's baby doll cradle from when she was a little girl and it was in Mom & Dad's bed! Crazy right?!??! Here I am in a pink Fisher Price doll cradle in their bed. I slept well though....must have been the pink. Mom wanted to try and sleep in a bed again but she didn't want anything to happen to me, like Daddy or Mommy rolling onto me, so we all thought we would give this a try. It is big enough for me to fit into but small enough to fit in between Mommy & Daddy's pillows. We'll see how it goes. The big thing that Mom is worried about is Dad not getting enough rest with me getting up in the night and his crazy work schedule. We'll give it a few test runs and see what happens.
Although I had a pretty restful night, I was pretty cranky all morning. My tummy was upset still and I just wanted to cry....don't you feel like just crying some days? Today was Mom's day for that too....her eyes got real leaky today....just a moody day. We all calmed down though and had a nice rest of our day. Miss Beth (child life specialist) came over to work with Joshua and Jonathan on the black & white books they are making me....they turned out really neat. Daddy and I made Amish Friendship bread....anyone want some 'cause now we need to find friends to give it to....anyone?!?!....we could even mail it since all you do it let it sit around and ferment for days on end and then it turns into yummy goodness when baked! That is what we used as my 18th birthday cake....mmmmmm delicious! Gramma & Grampa came over to celebrate my big 18 week b-day. Joshua and Jonathan were completely off the wall tonight....they sang "Happy Birthday" with shrieks and screams and yells and complete craziness.....just wait for that video. It was fun though. I was happy the rest of the night. I've been feeling ok for the most part.....I am poopin', so that is good. Mom has had to supplement my feeds a little bit with regular formula (not fortified) because her milk supply is so one point, some of you had some ideas for increasing milk supply (supplements?)....comment and let us know so I can still get the Mama-goodness.....she has increased fluids so you don't have to post that....hasn't made too much more.
2 things I forgot to tell you:
1) Friday, with all the craziness, I forgot to tell you my weigh in: 6 pounds! Ok...that was when I was "full of crap" so by Saturday, after all my poopin' I lost lots of ounces....but I still hit it!
2) I said "ma-ma" on Saturday. Mom was teasing me because I sound like a rooster all the time and Miss Teri said it was because Mom always makes those noises at me. So Mom decided to say "ma-ma" instead of funny rooster noises and guess what I said...."MA-MA!" Miss Teri was here and she witnessed it as well as Mom and Dad. They should just graduate me at the top of the class and give me my doctorate.....Docta Jake!
Well, off to the doll crib. Love the fanclub shirts??? Mom can't decide what she wants....I'll custom make her one that says "Jacob's Mom" on it or something.....she's like secretary of the fanclub so she should have her own special one.

Hug someone a little bit longer a little bit tighter.


Tori said...

Hi Jacob. Tell your mommy to try fenugreek tablets (6-8 a day) or Mother's Milk tea (3-5 glasses a day). You can get both a health food stores. The fenugreek can sometimes mess with Mom's tummy, but works fast. The tea tastes like licorice (ick!) but if you add a splenda it's better. I have used both to help me feed my baby boy, and they both worked! God bless, sweet boy.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I know that there is a "vitamin" you can get at organic food stores to help increase the milk supply. I will check with my freind for the name of it who took it because she was nursing two babies and needed the help. My doctor always tells me to add one or two pumping sessions, like I or you dont have anything else to do, but she says that your body makes more, the more you pump or nurse.

Anonymous said...

Glad to read your post tonight. Amish Friendship Bread is really yummy - must be the mixture of friendship and lots of good spices!

Karen, if I could hug someone really tight tonight it would be you! I can only imagine the tremendous pulls on your heart and the physical strength needed each day. I pray that God continues to sustain you and Jason, and I also pray that you feel the many cyber hugs and prayers coming your way.

You, Jason, Joshua, Jonathan and of course, Jacob, are loved by so many! Peace be with you.

Much love - Lynne B.

Amy said...

As far as herbal supplements go, Fenugreek works for most women. It has a bad side effect of making your urine and sweat smell like maple syrup however. Or what has worked better for me with both of my kids is Reglan. Just call your OB and they can prescribe this for you and also can make sure it is safe for you to take (always good to let them know that you are taking either anyways). It can cause some stomach issues for mom and baby just as a warning. I've found once you start taking these it is hard to come off and maintain that higher amount of milk. Hope this helps! We love you, Jacob!

Jessica said...

Well, in Europe we are given yeast and carrots to help milk supply. It did work for me! The yeast I got from drinking non-alchoolic beer. Here we actually have fresh yeast packets but I couldn't find them in the US plus some people do not like the taste, so the beer is a good alternative.
Jessica in Italy

Susie said...

Hey Jacob! Good to hear you're still doing pretty good! Keep pooping little man! Tell your Momma that she can take Fenugreek (3 pills 3x a day) to up her Momma-Goodness for you. It really did help - that's what I did to give Baby Joshua some extra. Tell Momma she's gonna spell like maple syrup though... Something about the Fenugreek...
She can most likely find it at GNC or a health food store. "Nature's Way" is the brand I know has it. But don't get Fenugreek paired with Thyme, because that's for something else - the Thyme will make Momma's milk taste yucky.
- Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if your milk supply has been dropping for a while or if it dropped this past week, but the stress of the week you all have had will do it everytime. NICU mommies have a hard time when they are going through the dips on the rollercoaster of the NICU. It may get a little better with Jacob feeling better now. But in the meantime:

Sleep - I know you can't do much about that. But even if you can get 6-8 hours one or two nights, it might, added to the relatively lessened stress with Jacob doing better, it might help.

Don't take ANY antihistimines. Even one will dry you up.

Sometimes massage (because of the relaxation) will help.

There are herbs you can use: Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, or a combo of the two. These are typically even allowed for preemies, but of course, you would check with your pediatrician.

Some OBs will prescribe Reglan for mothers to increase milk supply (this is also often prescribed for their babies to help empty their stomachs, so it is odd for it to work to do both things), but it can cause some moodiness.

There is a great drug available in Canada, but I think you all are in the US, called Domperidon. It used to be available in the US. I was able to take it until my baby was six months old, and then the FDA ordered it taken off the US market, and my milk supply dried up almost overnight.

I also did acupuncture, but I would guess you don't have the time to do that.

And finally, there are synthetic hormones available, but they are incredibly expensive unless you have remarkable insurance. I tried them once or twice, but I didn't think they were very effective.

Finally, and I feel like you are probably already doing something like this, but I got to where I would read a little devotional before every pumping session and pray that God would help me produce the amount of milk my daughter needed. That helped reduce my stress over the milk production, which helped the production some. Because it is kind of a vicious cycle of course -if you are worried about it, the stress affects your production.

Anyway, I hope you get some good suggestions.

(I had a 26-week preemie, and I pumped 6-8 times a day for 7 months. My milk supply was a problem from day one. Thus the list.)

amanda said...

I am a believer. Ok. So I'm always the one who sort of nods and smiles (but inside is rolling her eyes) when the "crunchy" people start talking about herbs. I tend to be very sarcastic and not believe people who say, this herb or that herb or this "potion" blah blah blah.


Fenugreek works. I started taking it at 9pm Saturday night and by 9pm Monday night I'd done a 180 degree turn in my milk production. Joshua has MORE THAN HE NEEDS today! I'm pumping what's left and saving it for later! -Be Strong and Courageous blog

K said...

I have to say again how glad I am that Joshua is pooping!

You should be able to increase your milk production quite easily, but contrary to popular belief, it's not fluid increase that makes milk (though this is important), it's calories, especially protein calories. Have a steak and some eggs!

There are also hearbal teas, usually containing red raspberry and fenugeek that you can get and most health food stores. Annise is another herb that will help. In fact, in Holland when a baby is born (a lot of Dutch babies are born at home) they pass around "birth biscuits" which are a lot like biscotti, which are full of annise.

Avoid mint teas, they decrease milk production.

Pump as often as you can for as long as you can. Frequency matters a LOT! Warm your breasts with hot compresses before pumping to dilate the vessels and ducts in the breast.

Most of all, have plenty of helpers to take care of things while you stay as relaxed as possible. If you have friends who keep offering to help with anything, let them do laundry, or amuse the bigger boys, anything at all that will take a load off of you and give you peace of mind.

Of course, pray! I will, too, that you will get a rapid increase in your milk supply and have the help you need to make it so.

Anonymous said...

jacob you can tell your father to leave some amish friendship bread on my desk at work! (same sectiion day team) And once I am ready to share it...i am going to make note cards and change the name of the bread-- I will call it The Blessed Friends of Jacob Bread---and put a note card with your blog on it
Tell your Daddy or Mommy...there needs to be a GO COWBOY DONKEY! jacob fanclub item!!

Jenny said...

You sweet lil' angel!!! Docta Jake sounds great to me!

Anonymous said...

Normally, I'm an anonymous fan, but I'd like to give mommy pointers on increasing milk production, because Jacob needs the best!

There are 2 natural supplements you can take: Mother's Milk Tea and Fenugreek caplets (start with 2 pills 3x a day, and you can go up to 4 pills 3x a day). Both are normally available at health food stores.

You can also ask your doctor for a prescription of Domperidone, which is a medicine that stimulates production.

And the other best way is to pump, pump, pump, but I know this is hard with a superstar and 2 awesome little co-stars in the home! ;)

Good luck, and I'll keep praying for baby Jacob!

Rachel said...

There is a supplement called fenugreek. It helped with my supply. Good luck and know that we're praying for your family in Tennessee.

Laurie said...

Well Jacob,

I was going to suggest fenugreek, however a million people already beat me to it. It works, it truly does. I am glad that you are doing better. I am praying for your mommy to get some good rest, when possible. Her nerves must be so fragile after this past week. Just let her know that she is held up in prayer by all of us here every day. We are your fan club but mommy is the CEO of this venture. Keep calling her MA MA. It melts her heart to puddles, I promise. Keep pooping regularly and blessing your family little man. More mama's milk is on the way.:)

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Katie said...

I can't believe nobody posted this, but oatmeal increases your supply. I had a hysterectomy while I was breastfeeding and had some supply issues after that. I ate oatmeal cookies for snacks and oatmeal for breakfast and it made a noticable difference. I also went for the Mother's Milk tea, but didn't really like it much. Both worked, though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob and mommy. This is Erin from the NICU at Children's. Lisa Flynn is the lactation consultant at Children's. I'm sure she has some tips for you about increasing your milk supply. I know she uses a tea, and there is also a medication called reglan that helps. I don't know her number off hand, but if you call the hospital 878-7000 and ask for her they should be able to give you her extension. Hope that helps. God bless, Erin

Anonymous said...

Hey Docta Jake,
I like that, it has a nice ring to it!
We continue to pray!!!
The Booth family

Michelle said...

We've got something here in South Africa called "(Schlehen) Blackthorn Berry Elixir". It’s made by a company called Weleda. It is something that not only a milk production stimulant but is also give you energy and you can even give it to your kids. If you can't source it in your country just let me know I'll gladly send you some.

This is the blurb on the bottle

It is an important aid during:
*periods of overwork, exhaustion and while studying to boost vitality
* periods of convalescence and recuperation
*adolescence and fro growing children
*pregnancy and after confinement
*breastfeeding, by stimulating lactation

Hope you find something that works.

asplashofsunshine said...

NO milk suggestions from me. I know, I know, I'm useless! Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDSOME LITTLE GUY! I hope you can enjoy a teeny bit of frosting, and maybe come colorful balloons too.

Hugs from Karen, Jason, Juliana, and Kevin in CA! Yes, my kiddos mommy and daddy are Karen and Jason too! We can pretend that all great Mommies are named Karen and all great Daddies are named Jason. Haaaa!

Michelle said...

We've got something here in South Africa called "(Schlehen) Blackthorn Berry Elixir". It’s made by a company called Weleda. It is something that not only a milk production stimulant but is also give you energy and you can even give it to your kids. If you can't source it in your country just let me know I'll gladly send you some.

This is the blurb on the bottle

It is an important aid during:
*periods of overwork, exhaustion and while studying to boost vitality
* periods of convalescence and recuperation
*adolescence and fro growing children
*pregnancy and after confinement
*breastfeeding, by stimulating lactation

Hope you find something that works.

scheelers said...

Hi Jacob! Your mom can try the Nursing Mother's blend at this website:
It worked wonders for us!

Anonymous said...

The more you pump the more you make. I was lovingly called Elsie (the cow) as I left the hospital with my preemie with 2 of those square tubs heaping with frozen milk.So much that they had to cover it saran wrap to hold all the milk in the tub.LOL ;) I fell asleep with the pump on alot during those first few days for @30 mins. and that was the result.I made enough milk to feed an Army of preemies. Roughly 4 oz each time each side every 3 hours around the clock. I know TMI but I wanted to share it with you as it only took 3 days to increase the amount.

Anonymous said...

I think you should talk to Jacob's doctors before trying anything that you would ingest as they do cross into the breastmilk, thus we wouldnt want jacoh to have belly problems as one of the side effects...i learned that the HARD way with my child.

I had a 22 week preemie, my milk supply was starting to dwindle and I couldnt take anything like the herbals due to what it "could" do to her over sensitive stomach. How we increased my milk supply was frequent pumping, and we changed my pump to an even higher grade one. Before you pump, warm compresses on the breasts. Also when you pump, try to hold jacob, just the feel of your baby on your chest is sometimes enough to convince your brain that he is the one suckling and increase your supply. They told me that when you strictly pump, its normal to have low milk supply because you dont have that skin on skin connection (ok actually the nurse worded it like..we are not built like cows who can just get hooked up to a machine all the time)
Also, try calling Care Connection..explain your problem to them they are more than willing to help you increase your milk!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you have enough tips for milk production so could you post a picture of Jacob in the cute little cradle in between the pillows? Thanks, this I have to see.

Anonymous said...

I just started to read your blog a couple days ago. You are a tough and funny little guy.
My suggestion for increasing milk production was also Reglan. When my son was in NICU on of the other moms who had a 27 week er used it and said it worked for her.

Anonymous said...

I do love that you said "Ma-Ma!" You are so smart, Jacob!
Randi Booth

Jenny said...

Little Jacob you make my heart smile every day. I'm praying for you sweet boy and your wonderful family. You are sooooo stinkin' cute!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Lactation Cookies!
They are yummy enough for whole family but mommy especially benefits. My friend and I swear by them... get ready to pump tons after a day or two on em cause they really increase your supply.

Recommended Dose for Mommy: 4 cookies a day.

Let us know if you try them... Hope they work for you like they did for us! :)

Rebecca CA said...

You can also try holding him when you are pumping it may help and also a really dark beer the hops in it helps increase milk production. Pumping is hard, you are doing a great job

Jenna said...

After reading all this Milk advice I'' add my 2 cents:)
I supplimented my son formula at 7 weeks, as he was only 7 pounds(he was born 6.6 so he was basically starving)I treid:
Reglan-prescription-made me super tired.
Domeperidon-Worked GREAT-I stopped due to FDA pulling for heart problems-If I have a heart attack my sone wont get any milk right?
fenugreek w/ blessed thistle-GREAT!!!!
So my son is 2 1/2 and still breast feeding, who would have thought there would be milk over 2 years later.
Tell your mommy to hang in there, she is doing so great!