Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day! Day 64!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! Here's a shot of our family from the "top of the mornin'" - Look at those 3 cute leprochauns in the front row! While we didn't have green eggs and ham, or green jello, or green pancakes, or corn beef, or reubens or ham and cabbage or pretty much anything "Irish" - and Aunt Melly called to yell at us since she sent all this cool other St. Patty's Day stuff - we still had a fun day! From what Daddy has told me of what he recollects from his childhood of St. Patrick's Day all the Irish people get together and sing songs you can't understand, drink lots of beer and eventually pass out. So here's my impression of what a drunkin' Irishman looks like: pretty funny, huh?
Aunt Melly sent us all this green stuff. Here's a shot of my favorite piece - the Baby's First St. Patrick's Day bib! Only Aunt Melly could find something that cool! The last couple of years Mommy, Daddy and the boys have flown to Texas to spend St. Patrick's Day with Nana, Papa and Aunt Melly. Everybody there missed us this year - especially Marissa. I've never met my cousin Marissa, but I hear she really loves my brothers! She called and talked to them on the phone today. She sounded really cute. Speaking of cute, what do you think of me in this hat?

So Western New York isn't nearly as warm as Texas on St. Patrick's Day and I got to thinking about all my friends who have been writing to me from sunny warm places like California and Hawaii and wherever else... so I figured I should take a road trip and go visit people in warmer climates than mine. But... in order to do that I would first have to work on my tan. Can't be looking like Casper out there. So this afternoon I started working on it.... Look out ladies! Ok, honestly, Mommy did this to me while I was sleeping! She's trying to help me get rid of my jaundice coloring. But man do I look cool.... Ladies' Man! Superstar!
Gramma came over to celebrate my nine week birthday and Ms. Kelly brought over some yummy dinner. She brought home-made bread that even smelled good to me! How do all these people know Daddy's favorite foods?!?! Maybe Daddy just likes everything! She also brought us some massive birthday cupcakes decorated for Easter. You'll have to check out the hilarious video of my brother Joshua and his wonderful singing around the cupcakes. Yet another great day celebrating life. I hope you had as good a St. Patrick's Day as we did! Here's a famous Irish blessing for you until tomorrow: "May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields, And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand."


Anonymous said...

Jacob, I'm sure you were the star of the show for Saint Patrick's Day! Your star sun glasses were certainly a fashion-statement! Hope you got some tan-lines during your time in the sun. I continue to pray for you, sweet boy, and your family. You are so very loved - Lynne B.

Pauline said...

Looks like you are ready for a trip to HOLLYWOOD ... all glitz and glammer and soon Tall Dark and HANDSOME ...

When you make your first million look me up in the
IE ..

Mandy said...

Cutie pie! I check on you all each day and pray that each of your days are filled with sweet memories.


Destini said...

I love that every day is a celebration. Baby Jacob, you have truly taught me to appreciate each second of life. God has given you one awesome group of family and friends!

Laurie said...

Hey Jacob,

"You're the man" just the way you are. I have to tell you that God sure knew what He was doing when He sent you into this family of yours. How fun is it to "party" every single day of your life with such wonderful people? Beautiful memories are being made here day by day, moment by moment and you are the star shining bright in the middle of it all. Praying for you every day sweet boy. Keep them guessing!!!:)

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Hilary said...

You guys look great!!! LOVE the sunglasses...have a great week!

Anonymous said...


Keep working on your tan little man. :-) It's going to be 78 out her in CA and by Easter it's going to be 80. I had a blessed St. Patrick's day. I didn't do much and didn't eat any St. Patty's day food either but spent it with my kiddos. Your family looks great in all their attire. heehee Well, have another blessed day Jacob.
Love and Prayers
Jenn in CA

Michelle said...

I agree with Laurie,

I love the pictures. Once again another first.


The suntan setup was really funny.