Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day 49!

Today was a sleepy day... can you tell? God said we should rest one day of the week right? :) We didn't make it to church today because Jonathan was up early trying to throw up. He doesn't even have a tube down his throat and yet he had a hard time doing it too! I guess his belly was empty... he went back to bed and woke up a few hours later feeling just fine. Mommy and Daddy didn't want to risk going to church in case he was sick again, so we just hung out at the house in the morning. I did a lot of sleeping while Daddy and Joshua played some Transformers and chess. We did end up going out for lunch... to Gramma and Grampa's house... I slept through most of that too. Gramma took Joshua, Jonathan, and Mommy to Sesame Street Live while me and Daddy headed home to get some more rest. Daddy wasn't comfortable taking me to Sesame Street Live because he said, "it would be a sess pool of little kid germs!"
I got a little fussy while home alone with Daddy but he quickly soothed me by showing me a basketball game on TV. Daddy says, "That's my boy!"
Joshua and Jonathan came home and loved on me... but I slept through most of that too.... Daddy even videotaped me sleeping... and guess what? I slept through that too. Mommy thinks I must be going through a growth spurt! Maybe I'll hit 5 pounds then! Either way... boy are Mommy and Daddy in for some activity tonight! I've been sleeping all day! Let's PARTY!


Anonymous said...

Hello sweet Jacob - Sometimes the best thing to do is sleep! I hope everyone around you has gotten some good sleep so that they are healthy and ready to play with you! I continue to pray for all of you, particularly that you are feeling good and ready for fun! Much love to you and your family - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Kris Capizzi (KUMC.) I was cachting up on the site this morning. (Heavy reading, but a good way to start the day!) We've been trying to put a lesson together for the youth on living, dying, and our legacy's we leave behind. I hope it's ok that I copied "Given Day" to read to the class. We will actually be writing our obits' and tombstones. Your word touch us everyday. Prayers always for you and the family. God Bless-Kris Capizzi

The Adoption Of William said...

Precious precious baby....praying for you guys!

With Love and Hope,

Jen-William's Mom