Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 50 - 7 Week Birthday!

Well today was a much busier day and as you can see I am wide awake for it... I guess all that rest yesterday got me ready to go! Today started off with Ms. Beth the child life specialist coming over to our house. She brought Model Magic with her for Mommy and my brothers to play with. They made all kinds of fun stuf out of it. Then she told Joshua and Jonathan that she was going to help them make some memories of me so that they'll never forget how much fun I am. So Mommy and Ms. Beth rolled out some of the Model Magic and had Joshua and Jonathan stick their hands and feet in it. Mommy wrote their names on it and dated it so we would know when it was. It was super neat to see. But... then they decided they wanted to do the same to me... and I wasn't too happy about that. Don't get me wrong... the feet part wasn't so bad... it fealt kinda nice on my feet. My feet had been in stuffy socks all day so the nice cool material cooled them right down. But then they decided they wanted a copy of my hand print! Well... in case you didn't already know... I don't really like to stretch my hands out... it kinda bothers me. I usually only use my pointer finger and thumb and the rest are always clenched tight. So spreading out my fingers wasn't the happiest part of my day... but all in all... it turned out pretty neat... here's a shot of my little plaque. Nice huh? After she left we decided to go outside for a while. It was a beautiful 62 degrees here in Western New York so it felt like the middle of summer to us! Daddy went outside and washed the car... Joshua and Jonathan rode bikes up and down the driveway... and rode their sled down the snow hills... (Only in Western New York!) Mommy tucked me under her coat and we went outside and watched and helped when we could. It was really nice to get some fresh air! After lunch I took a short nap with Daddy and then ended up outside again with my brothers as they were having light sabre fights on the back deck. Joshua went to his new class at the Y (Golf. Can you believe that Daddy let him sign up for a GOLF class!?!?), and Jonathan wanted to ride his bike some more so Daddy wrapped me up in a blanket and out we went again into the beautiful springlike weather.
Gramma and Grampa came over for my 7 week birthday celebration... and so did Ms. Chrissy, Mr. Del and their daughters Delaney and Chloe. Here's a shot of me and Delaney... aren't we cute?!?! We ate dinner and then sang Happy Birthday to me over a 7 layer Jello "cake".... you should have seen the candles dancing in the Jello!
50 Days... I think I'm just getting warmed up....


Anonymous said...

50 Days, WOW
As we walk through life, we are like stars in the darkness, shining God's love and blessing into the lives of those around us. Thank you Fahmer family for being those very bright stars.
God Bless!!

Donna in Surprise said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! Praying for many many more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

Wow, You had a full day yesterday. I love the hand and feet prints. They are so cool. I think yesterday in Riverside, CA it was 77 degrees so we also had a beatiful day. We don't get any snow here in my town. We have to go and look for it up in the mountains. You are looking wonderful. Keep up the good work.

God Bless,
Jenn in CA

Emily said...

You make my day, little man! :)

siscaboo said...

Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous your children are?

My kids ask me to come here several times a day. They pray for all of you and love watching the videos. They love the valentines kisses and the new one, the jiggly 7 layer jello cake. We had a laughing good time watching that one.

They are older and it just amazes me the compassion that they have for others.

But, just wanted to say hey we are praying for you.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

I love spring days. I also love being bearfoot.

Tight squeezes for the b/day boy ;)

Michelle said...

Jacob isn't this one of the coolest b/day parties yet!! 7 layered jello (or as we say in South Africa Jelly) cake. I look forward to reading about your day tomorrow!

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday ... dancing jello candles .. well that would be a sight to see!
Keep smiling!~
Riverside, CA we don't get snow but we know all about bike riding ..

johnnierae said...

Happy Birthday Jacob Ryan... Praying for many more....

The VW's said...

Happy 7 week Birthday Jacob! Wow! 50 days! What a blessing you are!

Glad to hear your family had such a nice Spring day together! Could you send us some of that 60 degree weather? It's freezing here in Michigan!

I love your hand and footprints! What a great idea! You may not have enjoyed it Jacob, but it sure looks wonderful and what a keepsake!

Prayers continue for you little buddy and your precious family!

The Adoption Of William said...

Happy 7 weeks Cutie!

Praying for you all!

With love and hope,

Jen-William's Mom

So Blessed said...

Thanking God for your precious time with little Jacob.