Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 62!

So what you're looking at is my first completed can of formula! I'm on to can number 2! You're probably thinking, "One can in 2 months!??!" Don't get concerned... Mommy and Daddy are feeding me just fine... we only use this to fortify Mommy's milk to 24 calories... thus we only use 1 teaspoon for every 3 ounces of milk. This is quite the accomplishment for us so we took a picture!
My second picture I want to share with you is of me practicing for St. Patty's Day. Aunt Melly sent us a bunch of "Irish Stuff" from Texas the other day so I thought I'd try it out this morning! I don't think that this is what it is meant for, but hey! I look great don't I? Expect to see more pics along these lines on Monday! And to answer your question, yes I am 25% Irish!
Ms. Julie came over to play with my brothers today. They made masks out of plaster that they're going to decorate next week after they're dry. Jonathan didn't like getting his fingers dirty so Mommy had to help him. Joshua like washing his hands in the water for the plaster. They had a good old time! Mommy and Daddy commented today that I was back to my normal quiet self. After days of being fussy and crying all the time I spent a lot of time on my own just hanging out and staring at my zebra prints. I even tried that coo'ing thing that Daddy was telling me about. I don't see what the big deal is... they couldn't even hear me ... I'll try and get their attention later by yelling all through the night or something.
Me and Mommy went and saw my girlfriend Blayre from the hospital today at Ms. Johnine's house. Mommy was all excited to be able to deliver all the stuff that we bought for the NICU. We got them a new photo printer with lots of ink and paper and two big crates full of scrapbooking supplies so that the nurses could make posters and cards of the babies for the parents, like they did for us! I think that Blayre and Ms. Johnine were even more excited than Mommy was... and I didn't think that was possible. Ms. Johnine's little daughter, Isabella, couldn't help but love on me! Her mommy kept telling her to only touch my feet but she couldn't resist my handsomness! Isabella and her brother Kristian drew me beatiful pictures! Sorry no pics... me and Mommy forgot the camera! :(
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kevin drove in to have dinner with us. They brought Chinese so that made Daddy very happy. We'll see how I like Chinese in a couple of weeks I guess! The boys played Chess, read books, and played cards and I joined them after I woke up from a little cat nap. It sure was nice to see them... we hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks.
Last night was a great night... I slept almost straight through from midnight to seven... Mommy and Daddy are hoping for another great night.... we'll see!


Jessica said...

What a big boy on your second can of formula!!!
Keep it up Jacob.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Jacob. Congrats on finishing your first can of formula... and let us know how you like Chinese food when you get to try it in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Jacob! You looked so handsome with the wreath on your head!
Still praying to and praising God for you!
Randi Booth

Michelle said...

Yay another first...

Those masks look kinday scary to make, especially if they had to dry on your faces Joshua and Johnathan!