Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 71!

Happy 10 week birthday to me! Here's my 10 week birthday photo, what do you think? I sure have filled in a lot since the first couple of days, don't you think?
Should God allow it, I'm hoping to fill in a lot more in these next few days but I still need to get the hang of these new bottle things. Mommy was patient with me for over an hour and I ended up taking in about 23 Ml. I wish I could focus and fill my belly, but apparently I'm like my Daddy and I can't sit still for very long and am easily distracted! We always gotta be doing something and sucking on a bottle isn't nearly as exciting as say... sleep?! Mommy's persistant though and she's determined to make this work so I better start traying harder in order to make her happy. After all, she does so much to make me happy!
I watched another Star Wars movie with Daddy and my brothers this morning while Mommy caught up on some of her missed sleep. This afternoon Ms. Dolly and her son Josh and daughter Aubrey brought over some dinner for us...and they also brought their own lightsabres! My brothers had a great time having 4 way lightsabre duels. She also brought us some birthday cupcakes! You can see them in the photo or you might even catch them in the video. Everybody took turns holding me!
Gramma and Grampa even came over to sing happy birthday to me! Daddy was excited because they brought over ice cream... and so did Ms. Dolly! Daddy says, "Score."
Mommy forgot to give me a bath that she promised earlier today so I pooped all over myself. She didn't want to put me in the bathtub because I was very calm and sleeping... but she still got me naked and washed my body up. "Score."


Sonja said...

Jacob your more handsome today than you were the day you were born.

I have a little Scotty who also was a preemie and was more interested in sleeping than eating. We finally figured out that if we sat him up on our knee he ate a little bit more than if we cradled him because of that wonderful "sleeping thing" you guys like to do. Who know's maybe mom has already tried it. Just a little tidbit.

Happy 10 Week Birthday "little man". Keep up the great work. ( You to mom and dad)


Jessica said...

Oh, Jacob! You are just the cutest little boy ever! I love to watch your little face and wich I could kiss you and hug you! Here's a virtual one! I am praying for you little guy and love to see you progressing like this!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday Jacob. You look like such a big boy with your bottle.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday cupcake!!! You are very handsome, as always!
Still praying!

Anonymous said...


You look so handsom on your 10 week photo. Of course you look handsome everyday. The cupcakes look yummy. Did your brothers like them? I'm praying for mommy and her sleep and she will continue to have an abundance of patience. I am sure she will. You have a very special family.

Love from CA

Laurie said...

Happy Day 71 Jacob.

You just keep getting cuter by the day and your brothers are so precious with you. I pray for you to keep on gaining weight and staying healthy. You sure are a blessing and I love checking in on you daily.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Rachel said...

Jacob is so precious! I will be praying for him and for your family!

melissa said...

Well Jacob.Happy 10 weeks Birthday.You don't know me, but I found your blog through another site.My first look at you brought tears to my eyes and made me fall in love all over again.You are so beautiful.
I know all about Trisomy.Not the 18 but the 13. I had a beautiful baby boy named Ethan who was born weighing 1 lb. 5 oz at just 22 weeks and 4 days in my tummy.
Please Keep the updates comming.Im going to be checking on you numerous times a day.Tons of Prayers comming your way from Iowa.
Thank you for stealing my heart.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Happy 10-Week Birthday, Jacob! I'm still pulling for you to get a taste of chocolate.

I re-read some of your earlier posts, and I want to say...."Yes, God is being glorified" through you, your family and all who come in contact with you, directly or even via this website! You are a little guy (don't mean to offend because I know you're working hard at growing!), and you are teaching so many people about how wonderful our God is and how he loves each of us, no matter our size, our age ... no matter what! You and your family continue to bless me in many ways.

Stay strong, precious boy! I hope all of you get a good night's sleep. With love, Lynne B.

Jack said...

Love the easter photos, more beautiful memories to cherish. I love the first photo on your day 71 blog Jacob. How cute you are. What a great job you have been doing drinking from your haberman bottle. I feel so proud of you. I look forward to you putting some more kilos on.
Love louie