Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 77!

Here's a sweet shot of my brother Jonathan, just because he's cute! Daddy didn't think I was so cute at 5 AM this morning I bet! Mommy called it quits and went and got Daddy because I was acting up. So we hung out on the couch for a while until Joshua woke up. My breathing (or lack thereof) even got Daddy concerned this morning. He kept talking to me, and touching me and stuff but I was breathing.... just real shallow. I guess that's easy to confuse with not breathing when you have the habit of stopping for a while.
So we got up and went to church this morning... of course we were late. We sat in the back and I had a lot to say. The people around me like to listen to me instead of pastor. So Mommy took me out of service and went and fed me elsewhere. After service people came over and said that they were sad to see me leaving because they like the little noises I make. See Daddy, they like my noises... then again... it wasn't 5 AM then! Sorry Daddy.
Then we went to Gramma and Grampa's for lunch. As usual, I slept through most of it in my car seat. But then Gramma took us on a walk to look for "signs of spring." (Which are hard to find in Western New York this year!) Joshua and Jonathan had a great time finding "melting snow" and "moss" and "green grass" and "red flowers" and writing them all down on a list as they walked around the block. I just enjoyed rolling in my stroller. Don't worry ... I was covered with all kinds of blankets! You wouldn't have even been able to see me!
When we went home the boys played outside in the cold and took a walk around the block while me and mommy hung out. She was nice enough to take my tube out for a couple of hours. But I didn't do so hot with my bottle so I had to get a new one later on. I like to suck on it.... just still having trouble with that swallowing thing.
Then Daddy's friend Megan from high school came over with her 6 month old babies. A boy named Finn and a girl named Ella - they're twins! Poor kids. I didn't have a whole lot of room in mommy's belly when I was in there by myself! I can't imagine what it would have been like with a girl in there hogging all the space! Ella was actually the same weight when she was born as I am now - 5 lbs 2 oz! Can you believe that? And take a look at these pictures - she's pretty big now! Speaking of which - tomorrow's the big official weigh in day at the doctors office... so be on the edge of your seat! Pray for increase - no going backwards! Also pray that they get everything sorted out with my bilirubens and stuff. Mommy took a picture of my poopies today to show Dr. Nancy what color it's turned into - be thankful that Daddy is the one that knows how to put pictures on my blog because he refused to let me put it up even though Mommy probably would have. It almost made Daddy barf each time he's seen it!
Here's a great shot of me and the babies - check out Ella grabbing Joshua's head! :) They like to pull hair - glad I don't have much!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jacob - Sounds like you're doing a great job teaching your Mom and Dad that they don't need too much sleep at night!

In church, our pastor's message is always good, but I would certainly prefer to be distracted by you! I remember Jesus saying in the Bible "Bless the little children and let them come to me". Glad to hear you are a part of worship - I know you are blessing so many others by your presence!

You and your parents should know that many hearts and lives are being moved and changed by each day of your life. Wow! That's pretty amazing for a small (but growing) boy! Keep on - Lynne B.

Jack said...

Hi Jacob
Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and hope that you are going ok. I am anxious to know how you went at the doctors today. It is now midnight in Australia as I type this note. I will check on you first thing in the morning. Be well and know your freinds around the world are praying for you.
Thankyou for inspiring me every day
Love Sharon

Michelle said...

I've been tring to leave you a note everytime you leave us updates. For some reason the blogger won't let me!!

Lets hope its all good with the dr. I'm glad to hear that you will be treated with a relaxing massage everyweek. Isn't it fun to go to new places so that you have more to dream about?
whoooo got to have some chocolate!!

Lets hope the bili blanket works quickly and well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,
You look so cute playing on the floor with the other kids!! Hope everything went well at the Dr. today. Sorry about those shots...but your band aid fits YOU - a super hero! Love, Aunt Linda Uncle Tom and Alyssa