Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 54 - Snow Day Part I

Today is the day the snow started... I'll let you know if it ever stops! Daddy talked to Nana and Papa today and they're even getting snow in Texas! SO HERE COMES THE EXCITING NEWS! READY!?!??! 4.5 Pounds! That's right ladies and gentlemen... I went to the doctors office today and I officially weigh 4 pounds 8 ounces! WOo HoO! Mommy and Daddy were so pleased! I've been eating really well lately and they even increased my food a little bit and I'm gobbling it all up.... nothing left in my belly usually!

While we were waiting in the lobby of the doctor's office me and Mommy discovered that I can do a really cute trick. Mommy absolutely loves it. I make her giggle. When Mommy puts her nose to my nose I scrunch my whole face up in a really funny way I guess. I think Mommy made me do it 15 times while waiting for the doctor!

We went and picked up my brothers at Gramma's and visited a little bit while the boys ate lunch. Then we went home and took another one of those great naps. I really enjoy sleeping between Mommy and Daddy on their bed. I wonder if they like it as much as I do? I like it so much that I even slept through my lunch time. Daddy had to wake me up and feed me before he ran off to work.

Mommy and the boys did school which was difficult because I was very demanding of all her attention. So I like to fuss... I'm allowed to, cut a kid some slack! My tummy was kind of bothering me through the night and Mommy had to cut back on some of my food... wouldn't you know it... as soon as I say I'm doing good my body starts fighting me! So instead of eating I decided I wanted to suck on something all night long... this is difficult for Mommy as I'm not real good at keeping my binky in my mouth or holding it with my hands... Mommy's soo good to me... she takes such good care of me even when she's not getting much sleep.


Marilyn said...

Dear Jacob,

The ladies are going to need to look out for you when you get older - with your looks and personality you'll be snatched up real quick ;)!!!

Michelle said...

Yay!!! You growing little boy.

Yay for snow!!