Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 72!

Been on the road most of the day so only one photo today... sorry. I went to the cardiologist for an echo. Ms. Peggy was there to take good care of me. She showed me my heart and I got to watch it and listen to it while she did her thing. It was pretty neat and kept my attention so that I didn't cry too much! My cardiologist came and reviewed the results of my echo with Mommy and Daddy. Bottom line is he thinks that my PDA ductus is still there and slightly open but that I'm not dependent on it. Due to the complexity of my heart I'm probably better off with the PDA the way it is or closed. The other cardiologist was considering putting in a shunt in the PDA to try and get my oxygen levels up since they've been hovering around 50-60%. This doctor thinks that putting in a shunt would increase my oxygen level but only at the sacrifice of disrupting my natural equilibrium. In other words, it wouldn't prolong anything, but would probably accelerate heart failure due to more oxygenated blood going to the lungs. He believes that due to my VSD hole in my heart, which allows the blue and red blood to mix and be pumped back into the body, my oxygen levels will continue to drop over time until eventually I turn into a smurf! Just kidding! My numbers will probably continue to go down but I could be "stable" in this condition for months possibly years. So... if things continue to go well for a while then we might reconsider, but for now I'm just perfect the way that God made me! Imagine that, right?

After my appointment we went back to Gramma's house to pick up my brothers and we ended up staying for dinner. Gramma's friend Ms. Bonnie came over to visit me too!

After the boys went to bed me and Mommy watched American Idol. I decided to sing along at parts. Most of the time I sound like Peter Pan singing the rooster song!


Rebecca said...

Oh, Jacob. How I love your blog posts. :)

Thanks for telling us about your day. I liked the Smurfs when I was a kid, but I don't want you to turn into one.

Much love from down here in Georgia...


Laurie said...

Hey Jacob,

I think you are perfect just the way God made you too!! And I agree, if it works for you right now, don't mess with it. God has you in His hands and this is the best place of all. Keep blessing your family moment by moment. 72 Days, you amaze me and are such a miracle.

Love you bunches little man, Laurie in Ca.

Lydia said...

Hey Jacob!

My name is Lydia and I have been following up on your story for awhile and watching how great our God is! I have been deeply touched by the miracle that you are and am so excited that I have the opportunity to see God's handiwork firsthand!

I wanted to also tell you that I am so proud of you that you have kept such a positive outlook on your life and your condition. Sounds like you had a good doctor's appointment and I do hope you don't turn into a smurf, because then you would be very blue! :) (start singing "I'm so blue" from Veggie Tales!) hehehe. I love your sense of humor- that is a wonderful thing to have. I hope that I get patients like you one day. (I am in college right now for Occupational Therapy)

Well, I am talking alot and I am sure you need to get some rest. Thanks for letting me hear all about you! Remember:

Jesus loves you, this I know!
For the Bible tells me so!
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is STRONG!

God Bless, Jacob!
Lydia Wilson <><

ps. Please tell your Mommy and Daddy that I am willing to help out with anything that needs to be done- if they need a dinner pre-made or babysitting for your brothers or anything like that, I am willing along with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on the UB campus to help. Please let us know!

Jessica said...

I pray that you are able to maintain good o2 levels!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your mommy and daddy love hearing you sing...
We enjoy hearing about every single one of your beautiful days Jacob!!! Thank you!!! Still praying!

Leese said...

Jacob --God made you perfect in every way! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us. Each day is a real blessing.

Susie said...

hey peter pan! sing along little man! you've got stuff to sing about! imagine that - your heart's special (and sticking around) just like you! pretty kool that it decided to work for you, even though it didn't grow quite right. xo little buddy

Kim (marygracesummons.blogspot.com) said...

72 days - what an amazing little boy you are!! Praising Jesus for you and continuing to pray for you and your family. By the way - you are a cutie pie!
In Him,