Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 48!

Wow! Over 30,000 hits to my blog! Thanks for checking in on me!

Here's a shot of me from yesterday ... today was such a lazy day we didn't even take ANY pictures! Last night Daddy decided to stay out on the couch with me and let Mommy get some sleep in the bed... so I decided to reward such chivalry and slept straight through the night until my 6am feeding. Daddy was very happy! Mommy was jealous. :) Daddy did have to get Mommy up to help him give me a bath since I pooped all over myself. Then later on Daddy accidentally pulled my feeding tube out and had to get Mommy up again to help him. What would Daddy do without Mommy? What would I do without Mommy!?!?

Today was filled with a lot of sleeping, transformers, chess playing and watching Cars with Mommy. I don't seem to mind my medicine but I did spit up a little bit tonight after getting my medicine and eating some food.

Mommy tried to get me into Baby Einstein since I really seem to enjoy my black and white zebra pattern on my boppy poles... I'm not sure I'm into it as much yet as my brothers were... maybe give it time.

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