Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 78! 11 WEEKS!

So you all want to know how my doctors appointment went right? More importantly, I spent the morning with Mommy and Joshua playing card games and chess (while Daddy and Jonathan were at the laundrymat... hopefully our replacement washer will be delivered sometime next week... but we're not holding our breath!) So the good news from my doctors appointment is that I gained 2 ounces - officially 5 pounds 4 ounces! The bad news is that I gained a lot of bilirubin as well. Apparently there's two different kinds - there's the indirect which can be treated with the pretty lights or a biliblanket. My indirect level is just above 10% and that's not considered a high number. I was really looking forward to glowing in the dark but that's not going to happen unfortunately. Then there's the direct - which I guess is caused by something not functioning correctly in my body. Mine is around 7.9% which is really high. This probably means that there's something going on in my liver. Could be something as simple as a blockage of sludge which would be treatable with antiobiotics. Could be that somethings gotten stuck in there - or it could be that my liver has a genetically small opening which isn't allowing it to drain properly. Unfortunately the only way to fix those problems would be through surgery - and no one wants to put me through surgery with the way my heart is right now. That's pretty crumby news to find out on your birthday! So I have an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to see if they can find out what's going on in my belly. Please pray that it's something simple that can be fixed with medicine!
Mommy's also been concered about my bottom. Lately it's been real sensitive and red and so the doctor asked what we've been using and the recommended a new product. We'll talk more about that later!
After my doctors appointment me and Mommy and Daddy went to Fuddruckers for lunch. Daddy says that I am a miracle worker because I got Mommy to finally take him to one of his favorite restaurants from when he was a kid. Daddy was kind of disappointed that they no longer have the big dead cows hanging in the window, but Mommy was glad about that, and thoroughly enjoyed her lunch and our little date together. We stopped at Toys R Us to look for some birthday presents for Jonathan and then headed back to Gramma and Grampa's to get the boys.
When we got there they had just finished watching E.T. for like the millionth time and we decided to hang out at Gramma and Grampa's for my 11 week birthday party. Grampa bought me a Carvel ice cream cake and Mommy even dipped my binky in it a little bit so I could get a taste of frosting! Mmmm! Gramma called her friend Mrs. Hooper who came flying over so she could see me. She sat and rocked and loved on me for a while. It was nice. After our ice cream cake dinner we played some games and then headed home.
After we went home and got my brothers to bed Daddy went to the store to get that product that my doctor recommended I use on my bottom. The doctor had said that it would be found in the aisle with the hand lotions and such so Daddy looked there and in the baby aisles - to no avail. The doctor had written down the name of it, "Bag Balm." So Daddy asked the lady in the lotion aisle if she had ever heard of it. She said, "Oh yeah, it's over in the pet section. Near where all the dog shampoo is." "The pet section?" Daddy asked. "Ok." So, sure enough, over in the dog shampoo aisle right below the flea and tick protector was a little green box labelled Bag Balm. Daddy noticed that it said that it had Lanolin in it so he grabbed it and brought it home for me. I was kind of interested in this little green box so I started reading, "Since 1899 Bag Balm has been the farmer's friend helping keep dairy cows from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermont environment." First off... the last name's Fahmer, not farmer. Second of all.... we don't live in Vermont! And third, and most importantly, I'M NOT A DAIRY COW! What's up Doc? So I kept reading, "For chapped conditions and superficial abrasions. This protective ointment helps to keep superficial tissue moist and soft." Ok, I'm down with that. I want my butt to be soft... and it's usually moist anyways with all the peeing I've been doing. I can live with that I guess. "For use on cows, thoroughly wash treated teats and udder with separate towels before each milking. To avoid contamination after each milking, bathe the udder with plenty of hot water, strip milk out and dry skin." Alright, what's going on?!??! Am I seeing a pediatrician or a veterinarian?!!??! You better hope this stuff works on my hiney or we're going to have to talk, pal!



knuts2knit said...

ok. . it's 11 pm, my husband just fell asleep beside me on the couch . . . I was smiling while reading your (Jacob's) 'concerns' regarding the new product for his hiney. . .I scrolled down to that last picture and I actually laughed out loud! That picture is phenomonally cute but that caption pushed my silly button. . .I got the giggles. . wheew. . .thanks for a late night giggle with that precious little face (LOVE his forehead wrinkles-hee hee) Many hugs to all coming from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Sweet, beautiful baby boy! I'm sorry you had a rough birthday. I will be praying extra hard for you!

Anonymous said...

Jacob - I want to let you know that I have used the Bag Balm on my 3 dear children,our ds12, dd8 and ds3.So far they have not turned into cows! At least I do not hear them mooing at night. So rest well knowing you will not moo after your treatment of Bag Balm.

Rachelle - Kansas

amanda said...

I will be praying for Jacob that his liver can be treated with meds.

Bag balm works, and I know Jacob's situation is different, but lotrimin is great also, at clearing up bottom problems. I buy the equate brand at Wal Mart for my daughter who has very sensitive skin especially when taking antibiotics.

I will be praying that the bag balm works and his little bottom feels better too.

Christina said...

He is absolutely precious. I love the birthday smile!

ajc4ever said...

LOL...the bag balm episode just cracked me up!! I discovered bag balm when we used it to treat our goat's mastitis when I was a teen ager. Now I use it for chapped lips or extremely dry skin. I guess it's also good for little bottoms. :-P I read your website every day and pray for Jacob and all of you guys.

Angela in central Ohio

Lorri said...

First to comment!! :) YAY!

Jacob, I'd have to say you don't look like you have udders. Maybe daddy should dress you up like a little cow. Do you think it would work better if the Bag Balm thought it was on a cow? Worth a try, I guess. Red bottoms aren't much fun!! Take care little guy. I hope your u/s goes very well. As always, daily prayers are being lifted up for you & your family.

PS. Instead of freaking mom & dad out by holding your breath, You could always start moo'ing. It is almost April Fool's ya know? Just a suggestion. ::shrug::

Jessica said...

WHAT a smashing shot of Jacob on this post! He is SOOOOOO adorable! We'll keep praying for him, especially for his liver|
Love, Jessica & co.

Kim ( said...

What a precious boy you are! Praying for you little guy!

Pauline said...

OH little man i am sorry to hear about your little liver not doing what it should! I look forward to my nightly Jacob giggle .. and no you don't look like you have udders!But should we ask MOM ????

K said...

Perhaps Jacob has an allergy to the chemicals in disposable diapers. Have you tried cloth ones? If you'd like to try, I have some very small fitted ones that I'd be happy to send you, even a cover or two. You can email me by going to my blog and clicking on my "view my complete profile."

I'm a doula, daycare provider and have a design business so I have a lot of experience with diapers and treating diaper rash.

Michelle said...


Hope you enjoyed your yummie ice-cream cake.

I agree, what up with the "tooshie cream"?

Cathy said...

I love to read your blog. As I have said before you make me begin my day with a huge smile. I will be praying Wed. for your ultrasound on the liver and waiting for news. You are such a tough little man and i pray you keep sharing your story for a long time to come. God Bless your precious family. Cathy & Annabel

Jessica said...

Made me laugh out loud!!!!
I will be praying that this is something that can be fixed easily!!!

Dusti said...

What a precious blog and little miracle Jacob is! I just love the Bag Balm pic of him, I laughed out loud! If bag balm doesn't work, we get Flanders Buttox Paste behind the pharmacy counter. You can ask for it, it works miracles. Said coming from a mom of 7 children ;)

Mandy said...

So cute. Let us know how the new balm for cows works. Jacob is a doll and always makes me smile. Thank you for sharing each day with us. I am praying you all have many more birthdays.


Holly said...

Love the picture!
We use bag balm for lots of things around here. It can work miracles. Good luck, little bud!

Holly & Morgan

Anniesue said...

The last picture was just beautiful! Thanks for the updates! It's so fun to hear the adventures of your "super baby." We're praying for good results at the ultrasound!

Julie said...

What a great post - full of many of my faves - Fuddruckers (we ate there last night as well), Toys R Us, and Bag Balm (my husband uses it on his hands because he works outside in the cold all day and can't wear gloves).

Hope there's a simple non-surgical solution for the liver problems! We'll be praying for you all!!

That last picture was SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your bottom is sore. If that doesn't work, I use a secret cream on my babies bottom, and it clears them up in less than 24 hours. My dr. told me, and it's really worth the try. Tell mommy that you need 3 table spoons of Malox and to mix in baby powder until it is a paste, and smear it on your bottom. Do that everytime she changes your diaper, and you should be a new man!! Hope your ultrasound goes well, and I keep you in my prayes each day!!

Cassidy in Indiana

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the sweetest blog on the web!!! I look forward to reading it daily. I too actually laugh out loud when reading it. You are in our thoughts and prayers in TN.

Melissa Dovel said...

I am delurking over here cause this is the funniest post yet! Jacob you are a super funny guy and I personally dont think you resemble a cow AT ALL:) Tell your mommy that a nurse friend of mine told us about this stuff when my youngest was born and I thought she was NUTS! I can not even tell you how many cans I have purchased since then (years later). It works! It works on more than just super cute baby butts too:) You will soon fall in love with it and just think you can tease mommy when she goes to put it on her chapped lips (ask her if she washed her hands last time she used it:) Thats the running joke in our house anyway. Well sweet Jacob I sure do hope you plan to keep your blog going cause when you grow up your sure to be the next big comedian!

Blessings and prayer for your perfect little and cute body!
Melissa Dovel
Denton, Tx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

I love the last pic. It's adorable. Yes, that stuff does work really well. I've had 3 children and it's the best. I hope it helps your little bottom feel better. Your always in my prayers.

Love from CA Jenn

The VW's said...

What a great picture of you Jacob! Happy 11th week Birthday! Sorry you had to spend it at the doctor's office! Has your doctor mentioned or put you on a midication called Actigall or Ursodiol? Our son was on this for awhile for high billirubin levels. It did the trick for him. I don't know if it would work in your case, but I thought I would mention it.

God Bless you little man!

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear Jacob!
Listen, Nate and Tony liked Bag Balm as well. However, we have been huge fans of Boudreau's Butt Wax and we love it. It is for babies despite the crude kind of name, but we just love it. It gets the job done and was also recommended to us by our pedi.
We will definitely pray about your liver. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE bag balm!! its also really good for chapped lips, chapped hands and itchy bites. im so happy you are holding your own with your weight! Happy birthday...and GOOOOOOOOOOO cowboy donkeys ( yes im still stuck on that one lol)
here is a joke for you..fitting especially since you are using bag balm...
share that with your big brothers

Devin said...

Oh, that was toooo funny! I am still praying for you Jacob, and now I will add your little hiney to my list...that it will be chap and rash free! :-)

Devin in Illinois

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! You and your writing buddy are hilarious. Who would think that talk of your hiney would bring out so many comments?! I'll be listening extra close to the video clips on your site to see if there's any mooooing going on at your house.

I'm praying that the ultrasound shows something that can easily be fixed. Stay strong - Lynne B.

boltefamily said...

This is so hilarious! Jacob you are such a blessing! Such a beautiful little man!

Susie said...

No Jacob, I don't think you have an udder! But tell your Daddy and Mommy that my gramma uses it on her hands (she's a farmer, not a Fahmer). Works pretty good. Hope that heiny of yours starts doing its job soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy.
I also used Bag Balm on some of my babies' bottoms, but with my youngest, we tried everything and what finally turned out to work best was a variation on a comment above - Lotrimin cream (store brand Clotrimazole), a tiny bit of cortisone cream (store brand), and Triple Paste (cheapest place to get it is Target), which is a REALLY thick texture and sticks to bottoms well ... all mixed together in a container so you can just apply small amts as you need.

Maybe 4 parts Triple Paste, 2 parts Clotrimazole, 1 part cortisone cream.

For REALLY bad rash (my daughter can get spots that bleed and nothing sticks well) I apply the mixture, then put 1/2 inch of a paste called ILEX paste (compounding pharmacies usually carry tubes of it over the counter) on my finger and swirl it into the cream on her bottom and it makes a gooier texture mix that sticks even to moist open spots. My daughter's NICU nurses (ones that used to work with adults) told me about that ILEX paste ... it's commonly used for all kinds of "open" skin breaks. It doesnt' do much but stick really well to skin - and make a barrier - so I like to mix it with something that I think helps treat the rash, too.

We also can't use plain wipes, but either use cotton balls with warm water & baby soap & rinse well, or we rinse out regular wipes to get out whatever wet stuff is on them and use water/baby soap.

I feel your pain, Mommy - it's hard when you do everything you can think of and nothing helps. Hey, our pediatrician also said human milk is great for minor skin irritations .. you could try putting some on cotton balls or gauze & dabbing on the rash & either letting it air-dry or just leave on as a moist compress.

SINCE you're already doing all the work to collect that amazing stuff for Joshua!

Hilary said...

You are too cute..Growing like a weed!!

Cindi Martineau said...

I guess you've gotten a "little" advice already. I've used bag balm on my babies and my last has had some BAD rashes. Bag balm actually irritated him more. One thing I've had super results from is Eucerin cream. It comes in a tub for about $13.99 and I put huge amounts on! It doesn't always work (like for yeast rashes due to antibiotics), but it's good stuff!