Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 76

I decided to practice for the swimming pool last night... Mommy didn't like it, but I've watched my brothers hold their breath in their swim classes so I don't know why she gets so upset when I try it at home. I don't know where these spells of not breathing are coming from - I was doing so good at not having them for some time now. My nurse didn't especially appreciate it yesterday either when she was trying to count my breaths and I wasn't taking any! So it messes up my sleeping and scares Mommy out of her sleep every once and a while... life goes on (after I start breathing again!) Speaking of my nurse, she came back out this morning to prick me in my foot! OUCH! That's the first prick since the hospital - I almost forgot how much that stings! Don't worry... I took it like a champ... hardly made a wimper! She's getting a blood sample to send to the lab to check my bilirubin levels. Mom's kinda concerned since my poopies have changed from yellow to a creamy color. We've been told that that could mean that my liver isn't doing what it's supposed to. We hope to find out more on Monday when we get our test results back and see my doctor. Hopefully this week they can turn me into a glowworm with a bili-blanket. Don't worry... you'll see the pics I'm sure! In the mean time, here's my first band-aid since being home from the hospital! Let's all give it up for Dad for 10 weeks of not breaking me! Yep, that's Spiderman... I know you're jealous... my big brothers must really love me to share their band-aids with me! I took a nice long nap in my own bed today. That's right... not on the floor, or my boppy - not on the couch or in Mom and Dad's bed, but in my own real crib in my own nursery! I haven't spent much time in there but Mom's trying hard to get me to sleep on my own. Thanks to CompassionNet for getting us a video monitor so that Mom can watch me anywhere in the house while I sleep in my crib. She doesn't know it but I like to make faces at her when she's not watching! And I'm not the only one... my brothers are constantly sticking their faces in my camera and running back and forth between my room and the video monitor and laughing at each other. Sometimes Jonathan talks to the TV screen... he doesn't get that I can't hear or see him because he can hear and see me just fine. It's really cute!
Grampa's cousins Geri and Larry came to visit me today all the way from Tennessee. They were in town for some party but made a point to make sure to visit me. I'm sure I was the highlight of their trip! Can you imagine being this close to a superstar like me and not coming to visit? They are very sweet people but like to argue over who gets to hold me! :)
After dinner tonight we had family movie night and we watched Searching For Bobby Fischer because Joshua has really been getting into chess. I know Joshua loved the movie but since I don't know how to play chess ... (maybe some day Joshua can teach me) ...I decided to do what I'm good at instead... I'm like a grand master of sleeping, you know?! And when I'm laying on Mommy... I'm probably the World Champion Sleeper! So after the movie Mommy tried to keep me up until at least midnight so that I'll sleep better during the night. One of the ways that she attempted that is by letting me lick her finger after she had just eaten a piece of chocolate. MMMMMMMMmmmm! I know some of you had been telling Mommy to let me have some chocolate so I have one thing to say to you... THANK YOU! It was really yummy. Almost as good as my gas medicine!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts--they are touching and funny and full of love.

-A daily reader in Tampa, FL

knuts2knit said...

What an innocent look he has on his face. . .Who?.. .Me? :) Our 30 weeker daughter had that look many times... her apnea alarm would go off in the middle of the night SO many times. . .we'd run over and touch her in a panic. . .she'd inevitably open her eyes and look at us like "Whaaa. . .? What are you guys lookin' at?" LOL! Like WE'RE the ones with a problem :) I've been reading your blog for a while now. . and love that you write it from Jacob's perspective. It makes me smile every day. He is so stinkin' cute! Many prayers to you and your beautiful family coming from central Ohio. Ellen

Anonymous said...

Yeah for chocolate! Sweet Jacob, I knew if I kept saying that a taste of chocolate would be good for you that some would come to you soon - yum!

Now about's a great sport that my daughter loves (and also your brothers), but it's very important to breathe!!! Once you master your breathing, I'll bet you'll swim like a dolphin.

Keep on being your special self, Jacob. I'm loving you from Texas, and I know you have a huge hometown of fans. Stay strong - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

I stop by everyday to check on Jacob and your family. The posts are so sweet and I've really fallen in love with Jacob. He looks like a little angel. I say a prayer for him every single day.

-Laura in Arizona