Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 59!

Well, because everyone had such a hard time last week waiting until Daddy could help me get the blog together, Mom thought this week she would try and help. She is not very good at the whole computer thing....I am impressed she even knew how to get into my blogger!...she did it all by herself!.....ok, with some of my assistance. So you have to cut her some slack for this being her first time helping me out....she'll do anything for me and my fans. :)

I spent the night last night with Mommy on the inflatable bed.....she did not like it one bit. We keep trying new sleeping arrangements to make everyone happy but I seem to be the only one happy!....they'll figure it out. In the mean time, I will just live it up! Joshua and Jonathan helped take down the inflatable bed by rolling on it, leaping on it, and jumping off the couch onto it....very amusing.
I was still very hungry today. I ate every bit of my food and kept wanting more. Mom took my tube out and gave me a feeding orally. I got tired so it was only about half of what I usually get in my tube so I was still quite hungry after. I did ok with it though.....they keep hoping to get me eating so this tube can get out of my mouth and tummy. I fell asleep after they fed me orally and then when I woke up this tube was back in my mouth again!....Mom is getting really sneaky with I fussed and let her know what I thought about it. But then she filled my tummy up and reminded me why we need to do I can get into my heavy-weight class! I snoozed with Mommy on the couch until it was time for Daddy and the boys to get up from their naps and Dad had to head off to work. Then I spent the evening with Gramma and Grampa....they brought dinner again...they sure are great! Grampa took Joshua to his golf class and then we hung out....I fussed a bit with a tummy ache.....I didn't tolerate my feed very well for the first time in 2 days .....may have been something Mommy ate. I have discovered the whole burping thing though....much easier than the puking thing...all they have to do it pick me up and pat me and I burp instead of puke....what a concept....took Mom and Dad until now to figure it out.......sometimes I wonder if they really had kids before me??? The bigger boys headed out with Gramma for a sunset walk (to tire them out a bit) and they played and played until the moon was out!...they just kept tackling each other in the snow.....very entertaining. I stayed warm inside with Mom. So now we are just hanging out and plan to do so all through the night.

No pictures today since we are all just lucky Mom could sign me in....can't expect too much from her. Maybe I'll sucker Dad into revising this post later with some pictures and whatever events he reminds me of.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Keep 'em up! My family needs them and so do all are such blessings. Love you all!
P.S. Like my mohawk?


Donna in Surprise said...

We will keep the prayers going for you little guy. Hope your mommy gets some rest tonight. God bless, Donna

Sonja said...

You go mom!!!!

You never know what you can do until you try is what I tell me children. :)

Mr. Jacob is becoming quite the character huh mom. LOLOL

May God continue His blessings upon each of you.

My prayers are with you and your family.

Christian Love


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jacob! Thanks for helping your mom do the post. She has done a great job, and you have been very cooperative. I continue to pray for all of you. Keep eating all you can, Jacob. I hope everyone is able to get some good sleep. You are loved by so many of us beyond your family - like me in Texas! - Hugs, Lynne B.

Michelle said...

Way to go mom!!!

Isnt' burping the best thing!! I hope you start drinking more from your bottle too!!

C U tomorrow ;)

Pete, Alison and Charlie said...

Hi Jacob, we check in with your blog at least three times a day, so we thought we'd say hi! Our little boy, Charlie, who's four, is very pleased you've discovered burping... it made him laugh lots! What is it with boys and burping eh?! Sending you and your family lots of love from Cardiff, UK. XX

Anonymous said...

We love you Jacob!! Nate and Tony (my 18 month old twin boys) are such fans of yours. We know how much of a miracle and a blessing you are unto the world. Prayers will keep coming! Love ya!
The Booth family

Anonymous said...

Way to go mom!!!!

Wow, Jacob,

Your mom did a great job and she was funny too. I was laughing while reading about the burping part. I hope all slept well last night.

God Bless,
Jenn in CA

Chrissy said...

I love the pictures!

Michelle said...

My son Seth also has a mohawk.