Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 75

Well I had Mom up quite a bit last night....I just fussed here and there....BUT she keeps messing with my feeding schedule so I am all messed up now.....the nerve....she wants more sleep so I have to starve?!?!? I think not. You see, she is trying to up my feeds so that I go longer....and sometimes I do ok and then other times I don't tolerate it she is going back to the 3 hour schedule with the exception of her midnight-3am feeding......she will feed me at midnight and then see how long I go but then resume the 3 hour schedule after that. So she was tired and woke Dad up early to be with me until my brothers woke up. We watched some more Star Wars and Transformer movies.
Then we had a load of visitors from Essential Care, my nursing company). Miss Ann Marie the nurse came over and checked me out....I am quite yellow so we are in the process of getting me treated.....that means I have to get poked! They are going to get me a "bili-blanket" to help get my bilirubin count down.....I've managed to get the jaundice under control a few times but this time it is taking a little bit we'll see what the levels are and take it from there. Miss Beth came too to play with my brothers and talk to them about heaven and had them draw some pictures about heaven. She also read them a few books to get them thinking a bit. Miss Ann Marie, the social worker, came too to check in on us and see how we all have adjusted and make sure everything is going well.
Then Gramma stopped in to help Mom out while Dad went to work. Gramma watched all 3 of us boys by herself for the first time.....Mommy was more nervous than she was! She just ran to get some milk and go to the bank....she was only gone for 40 minutes but couldn't wait to get back home. She just loves me so much she doesn't like to be away....who can blame her. Grampa came over to join in and help out.
Miss Jen (the photographer who took those amazing pictures of me and my family) and her son Sam came over to bring us dinner. Not only can she take pictures but she can cook a mean lasagna! Sam helped out too and boy did my family enjoy it!
Now, my brothers are fast asleep (Grampa too!), Gramma is rubbing my legs (I LOVE it when people do that) and so I think I may get some sleep too.....maybe even Mom! Have a great night and I will get some pictures out to you tomorrow. I love you all!


Rebecca said...

Hi, Jacob! I'd noticed you looked a little yellow. I'm glad they're going to make you all better.

It sounds like everyone's doing all they can for your family. That makes me feel happy.

Make sure your mommy and daddy give you an extra kiss from me. :)

I love you, too... :)

Jessica said...

Hoping you all got good sleep....

dr_bristow said...

Praying for you, sweet Jacob. I love coming to your blog each day and reading of the day's adventures through your perspective!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE you! I'm glad you're getting that jaundice taken care of. You are still incredibly handsome though, so don't worry!
We are all still praying!

Anonymous said...

well jacob, it sounds like this eating thing is hard to get right. It's even frustrating when healthy kids are trying to change feeding times. Moms try everything! Hang in there though, it will get better. I love that you and your brothers are so into Star Wars. My son is now 12 1/2 and he used to love the movies also. (still does) He even wrote a paper on George Lucas. (the director and creator)You mentioned massage classes the other day. I did that when my kids were little. It helped a lot. Especially with sleeping and eating. Tell gramma to keep rubbing those legs. (It does feel good!) Hope you sleep well tonight little one. Lots of love-Kris Capizzi (KUMC)