Friday, March 21, 2008

Day 68!

Hi there everyone. Have you checked out the features on the side like the map......I need a geography lesson just to teach me where you are all praying for me from! You guys are everywhere and man do I love you all.....all 50,000 of you.....did you see the counter? is over 50,000....I know many of those hits are because you hit refresh 1,000 times on the days I am late posting, but still, there are lots of hits. Thanks for loving me so much through this blog. You guys are the ones that keep me going....your prayers....and your anticipation of the blog keeps me and my family creative and fun which helps us make more treasured memories....thanks to you all.

Oh, keep praying for my friend Eva (you can see her update at ...she is taking big steps forward so keep up the prayers. We Trisomy babies are here to see God work and do BIG things through little is amazing....make the most of our little lives.

Well, last night was pretty good. Mom managed to get some sleep....interrupted only once to feed me at 4am.....but other than that I slept good and it was in my bouncer and not on Mom so that was good for her. She just loves me so much and knows how much I loved to be held, it is so hard for her to leave me can all see that would be don't find these fine looks just anywhere. But really, with my diagnosis and them not knowing when things could go south for me, she just doesn't want me to be alone....heck, I don't want to be alone, so we just hang out and treasure each's great.

So, we had some guy come Monday to "fix" our wash machine (which still ran....loudly...but cleaned clothing) and he cut his hand real bad and never showed back up for a few days and then when he did come back he didn't have the right parts....the story goes on but the gist of it is that we do not have a working washing machine. Now, for those of you who are parents (who do the laundry), you understand how much laundry a little guy like me can make let alone 2 other the laundry was crawling up the walls....I thought I was going to get lost! So, my Daddy had to make a run to the laundry mat while Mommy took my brothers to a dentist appointment. This was Mom's first outing with her 3 Little Men on her own. She did pretty well. I hung out in the carrier while my brothers got their teeth counted and, I can't wait to get me some of those pearly whites! So Mom WAS doing great UNTIL it was time to feed me. Now, most of the times Mom does pretty well with my feeds on-the-go but today was an off day. She managed to spray me all in the face again but this time with force!....the syringe she was using was stuck (so she thought) and so she just kept pushing harder and harder while it was right above my face.....she probably should have pointed it in a different direction...NO...she definitely should have pointed it in another direction ......BECAUSE it finally gave in and misted fortified breast milk all over the interior roof of the car, me, Joshua, Jonathan and herself. Not funny. She is quite talented. She uttered something I wasn't supposed to hear, wiped it up and we went on our way....I was extremely mad at her though....with good reason....and almost overflowed my tube but I decided to forgive and calm is too short for grudges. We then headed home for a quick lunch with the Laundry Man (Dad) and then headed to an Easter Party with my brother's homeschool friends. Dad went to work and Gramma came over to spend the evening with us....well she mostly just held me. But this helped Mom get Joshua and Jonathan in for the night.

So, good nurse found some kind of feeder that may help me bottle feed a little bit better so she is going to bring that by this weekend so we can try it out. I also have another one of my friends checking into a speech therapist for me to see if they could help me....anything to get this tube out. So pray that I can build my endurance for bottling.....I kind of get tired after 1/2 ounce and sometimes my color goes bad....but I hope this changes for the better with practice.

Well, once again, Daddy is at work and Mommy just isn't technologically advanced enough to get those pictures on here, so maybe we'll get some good Easter ones tomorrow and Sunday.

Don't forget what Easter is really about....CHOCOLATE....oh, no no.....although chocolate is amazing (so they say....well Mom at least) it is about something so much bigger is about the Creator of the Universe dying on a tree for our sins and raising from the dead to vanquish sin and death. Wow! That is a far greater gift than I can even imagine! Accept this gift and live life to the fullest. God bless you this weekend as you celebrate our Savior's unfailing love.


Jessica said...

I too have sprayed my Alex in the face with milk when he had his NG tube.
I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

If it is a Habhermann's feeder...that is a great little device! My daughter was born a peemie at 21 weeks and could not get the suck/swallow/breath reflex going. The haberman is what helped her get her NG out.

Jessi said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time! Jacob is such a cutie! I seriously can't get over how cute he is!!
Praying for you from Ohio!

Kim ( said...

Just checking in. I love reading the updates and hearing how far you guys have come. Day 68, how amazing. I am praying for you and your family and sweet Jacob. Happy Easter, praising Jesus you have Jacob with you for his first!