Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 60!

Rough night. Nuff said. I don't think Mommy was happy about me being cranky all night.... and I know that Daddy wasn't thrilled about coming home from work and having to sleep with me on the couch... but you know what.... they love me! Even when I'm miserable, they never leave me. Kinda like our Heavenly Father's promise that He'll never leave us or forsake us. Well, they're not that good, but you get the point...

This morning Daddy took the boys to the YMCA for swimming and gym time while Mommy took me to a ladies Bible study at the church. I got passed around a lot, but man was I still fussy! Ms. Chrissy had me and gave me back.... (and you know that I'm fussy when Ms. Chrissy gives me back!) Ms. Sue had me and gave me back... only Mommy knows the best way to pat my hiney!

When we came home Ms. Sara came over to visit with me and Mommy. I decided it was finally time to take a nap so I snuggled right into Ms. Sara and passed out. She knows a lot about babies after all... she's a neo-natal physician's assistant... she knew just how to hold me! Ok, maybe she didn't learn that in school... but she still did a good job!

When I woke up.... I WAS STILL FUSSY! I should probably have laringitis by now. Daddy keeps telling me that it's ok to be awake and not crying or screaming. He says normal babies will be awake and coo or suck their thumbs or something... I keep reminding him that I'm not a "normal" baby... I'm SPECTACULAR! So deal with it!

Even though I'm miserable most of the time I'm awake my brothers still have been so sweet to me! And they're such good helpers for Mommy and Daddy. Joshua is constantly fetching things to help Mommy and Daddy and Jonathan even threw out a poopy diaper today! Normally he says he only does "little pee pee diapers... not poopy or lot of pee pee diapers." Everyone says that I'm an angel.... but really they're the angels... sent down to take care of me! I love them very much... even if all I do is cry or scream when they're kissing on me!

My belly is bothering me a little I think.... all this screaming keeps pushing my food back and forth up and down my tube which isn't helping digestion at all. My nurse says she's working on getting me a different kind of bottle nipple that might help me take food orally.... wouldn't that be great!
If you look on the sidebar you'll see that Daddy added a Clustrmaps icon which tracks where people are visiting my site from... I sure would love to see red dots all over the world... so please pass along my blog to anyone you know.... I'm not sure where my South African friends have been the past couple of days... but so far no hits on that continent, so see what you can do! Thanks again for loving me all over the world!


Jessica said...

hope you feel better soon little man. Tummy troubles stinks!

Kim ( said...

Day 60 - Praise God! What a beautiful miracle you are. I am praying for you sweet Jacob. You are precious and so handsome!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacob - I continue to love you from Texas. We all have rough days, and you have an amazing family to help you get through them! You also have an amazing God who created you and placed you with the perfect mommy, daddy and brothers. Be patient with them as they get to know exactly what you need - lots of good food, snuggle time and silly brother stuff! Thanks for blessing me by being you! - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob,

I'm sorry your tummy has been bothering you. I hope you feel better for the weekend. It's 60 days and you are awesome. Hopefully, the nurse will get that new bottle nipple to help you out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm thinking of you and praying for you in CA

Jenn in CA

Michelle said...

isn't it just the best to fall asleep in someone's arms. Hope your tummy settles soon so mommy can get some rest to give you her best!