Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 56 - Snow Day Part III

Well the snow has finally stopped.... and that means that we just have to dig out! Unfortunately we didn't get to do that before church this morning so we didn't make it. All of you who were looking for me are just going to have to wait till next week or come over and visit! Sorry. I was sleeping in the bed with Mommy and Daddy was too busy to shovel because he was taking care of my brothers! So I decided to post some great pics of my brothers from their great expedition into the frozen tundra! Jonathan is all smiles because he's up past his knees in snow in the backyard. And then there's Joshua standing on the snow that was so high that he's all the way up to the roof of the house! Just kidding... he's actually on our deck... but there's still a bunch of snow. They had a great time jumping into the snow and climbing up on things that they normally can't reach. Jonathan rode his sled up and over the mailbox, down the front steps, and deep into the neighbors front yard. He said he had a lot of fun. Daddy said he enjoyed it too because the boys helped him shovel out the garbage cans!
While riding on a sled sounds like fun I decided I'd rather just lay in the sunshine with my binky! I think that's fun! You should try it sometime!
Mommy insisted that I put this photo on the blog today because it captured one of her favorite faces that I make. It's the face that I make when I'm laying in my Boppy and staring at the zebra print overhead. It makes me cross my eyes and pooch out my lips and I think I look silly but Mommy loves it. A face only a Mommy could love! Now all you moms out there... don't worry about my eye. I know it's really red and looks gross because it has all kinds of goop oozing out of it, but Mommy and Daddy are on top of it. My doctor says its just a blocked tear duct and that I should just keep it clean. It's hard for me to use a washcloth with my hooked finger so Mommy and Daddy keep it clean with a saline wipe every couple of hours.
Well hopefully things will start to thaw out soon now that we've "sprung ahead" because I can't wait to go outside and start sun bathing!


Laurie said...

You are amazing, 56 Days!!! This just blesses my heart to watch you grow and being loved by so many people. Your brothers are so great and love you so much. I pray for you daily and ask God for many, many days and months ahead for you. He has a wonderful plan for your life and I know you bless mine. Sweet dreams Jacob.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob - While my son so wishes he could join your brothers in the snow, I would prefer to be in the sunshine with you and your binky! It's great to worship God in church, but I've always said He can find us anywhere! You are one of God's great gifts, and we continue to rejoice and pray for you! Have a great week - Lynne B.

Susie said...

Jacob, I'm glad to see Mommy and Daddy are taking care of your goopy eye. Don't worry about it little man, Joshua's big sister had one too and hers never got infected or caused any problems. Hers only looked yucky. It went away eventually. I think your "silly face" looks rather inquisitive - you're such a smart boy!

Anonymous said...


Wow 56 days. You are so awesome. I am glad the snow stopped. It's beautiful there. We had nice weather here in CA. It was in the high 70's yesterday (Sunday) It was gorgeous in a sunny way. I love your snow there though. God is watching over you little Jacob

Jennifer in CA

Michelle said...

As you higlighted in the video. When I heard the song that part of the song stuck out to me as well.

"you make all things glorious,You are my creator, what does that make me?"

An instrument to show God's glory... He (God) does it so perfectly through you perfect little Jacob

*tight squeeze*

Michelle said...

P.s. I love all the sunlight pics...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

56 days!!!! Incredible Jacob! Please know that you are not only a blessed miracle to your mom and dad and family but to the world!! You are changing so many lives!!!