Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 74!

Hello again everybody! I slept really good last night... pretty much 4 hours at a time.... which probably isn't good for you, but Mommy and Daddy will take it! I woke up and played some chess with Joshua this morning. Then Mommy whisked me off to do some shopping! We went to BabiesRUs and Wegmans - went to Grampa's for lunch - then back to BabiesRUs again... yeah, I dunno.. ask Mommy... some silly warranty thing or something... then finally back home. Mommy wants me to tell everybody that my eye is doing much better! It's not as goopy as it used to be and hardly ever needs to be wiped out anymore... which is good because I hated them doing that! Here's some shots of me after I had just taken a four hour nap! You can see my eye looks great!
So anyways... when I came home a lady named Michelle came over to meet me for the first time. She's a massage therapist and she's going to be working with me once a week from now on I guess. Today she was just feeling me out and getting to know me. She rubbed me a little bit but said that she'll do more next week. She told Mommy that she hopes to teach her a few things about how to help me relax and move my hands and other fun stuff. She told Mommy that she has a baby that's in heaven already.
While I was sleeping the family had the dinner that Ms. Stephanie brought yesterday and they said it was awesome! Now, I'm going to go watch Grey's Anatomy with my Mommy. Grey's Anatomy is to Mommy as Star Wars is to my brothers! We'll see which one I like better... I'll let you know... even though I pretty much have a hunch which it will be already!
P.S. Mommy's pouting... turns out that the person who told us that Grey's Anatomy was back on had their months off - not till April 24th! I guess I'll have to catch up on my American Idol and NCAA instead!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob - Isn't it great to have two big brothers who love you so much! Sounds like you also have a wonderful Grampa to snuggle with - such a blessing to you and your family. I'm glad to hear you're doing well. The weekend is just around the corner, and I hope you find something fun to do. Take care, sweet boy. Love, Lynne B.

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a late-night person. If your mom and dad ever need some late-night relief or someone to chat with, I'm available. Sleep well!

Laurie said...

Hey Jacob,

Tell your mom that I feel the same way with Grey's Anatomy not being back until April 24th. You sure are one little man on the go! I am so proud of your 74 days of joy you bring and I hope you know what a miracle and blessing you are to me too. I am glad your eye is getting better and don't you just love your big brothers? You three guys are so cute.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

boltefamily said...

That picture of the boys brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing blessing! Praying for your family often!

Much love,

Kristy B. in Pennsylania

Michelle said...

how cool is the news about the massages! Glad to hear you are sleeping through better. Isn't it fun going places and seeing a whole bunch of new things to dream about?!