Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 58!

Today was a hungry day. From spending last night with Daddy, all the way to this evening I've been eating like a horse! I'm getting hungry early and gobbling up all my food with nothing left in my belly. I'm a growing boy! Bring on the steaks!
Me and Daddy and Joshua watched Spiderman today while Jonathan went swimming with Mommy. Then my nurse came by to check on me. She was amazed when I weighed in at 4 pounds 12 ounces on her scale! Her scale is usually a little high but she hasn't seen me in a while so she was quite impressed!
I did some chores with Mommy today while the other boys were napping and then Joshua came out and read me some books! Here's a shot of him loving on me. If you follow our pictures at all you probably think that Joshua never wears clothes or that we live in some tropical climate (which is obviously not true from our last weekend)... truth is that he just likes to sleep that way... Daddy and Joshua say "that's how we roll." Now even Jonathan is getting into it and when he gets ready for bed he doesn't put his PJ's on but says he would rather "roll." Some day you might come to the blog and see me in nothing but my diaper... don't worry, I'll just be "rolling."
Ms. Heidi and her daughter Zoe came over today to drop us off some yummy dinner. Zoe couldn't help but come over and touch me! Who could resist, honestly? Oh and if you look closely there's a shot of my zebra print Boppy thing which I absolutely love! Couldn't YOU just lay under it and stare at it for hours? I could. In fact, I do!

Someone asked about the Make A Plates and if they had a website... Mommy and Daddy wanted to pass that along ... it's http://makit.com. Enjoy!


Cathy said...

I don't need to tell you the stresses of raising a baby with T18. I have begun to come read about Jacob each night after Annabel is asleep and I never cease to end with a smile and a giggle. Thank you for letting Jacob share his life from such a sweet perspective!
Cathy & Annabel

Melissa said...

I am absolutely amazed at how well Jacob is doing. He is such a beautiful baby. I look forward everyday to reading his blogs about how his day went. I am so happy to see how well he is gaining weight! He looks so good! Keep up the great work Jacob and I will be thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

I just have to tell you how adorable you look in your striped sleeper! Too cute!! It's great to see you starting to fill out your cool clothes. We're praying that you hit your 5 pound mark soon. Keep eating!!


Michelle said...

I love having stories read to me!