Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 73!

I got this card in the mail today. On the inside it says, "Dear Fahmer Family, I would like to thank you for all the beautiful scrap booking supplies and printer you purchased for the NICU at Women & Children's Hospital. I can assure you that they will be put to good use. Some of the items have already been put to use - some were used to make special memories for a family. The supplies helped make it so special. Once again Thank You for your donation! Linda M. Eschberger RNC & NICU Staff"
I awoke this morning to watch Star Wars Episode I with my brothers so that Mommy could get some rest. About half way through the movie we all realized that Mommy was not resting at all so we decided to go outside. I got all bundled up and into my speed racer stroller and raced Jonathan up and down the driveway. Mommy helped. In the course of racing Jonathan I also got into the hockey game between Joshua and Daddy and managed to make some stellar saves and sweet assists!
Later in the day Ms. Stephanie brought us some food so she could come and see me! She brought her own son Ian with her... but sent him off to play with my brothers so she could hog me all to herself. I fell asleep in her arms. Grampa came out to take Joshua to his golf lesson so Mommy gave me and Jonathan a nice warm bath. After I pee'd in my own bath water, Jonathan was nice enough to share some of his! Jonathan and Mommy tried to get me back in my swing again, but I'm just not a fan of that thing. I kept rooster crowing until they took me out! So then I had to help Mommy make dinner.... it wasn't so bad though! I spent most of the rest of the night snuggling with Grampa. He gave me enough love so that I could sleep a little bit longer for Mommy during the night tonight! Mommy and Daddy say, "THANK YOU GRAMPA!" :)

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Anonymous said...

happy b-day big you are growing so nicely.....keep it up...this cow stuff works well.just dont start asking for grass now mooooowwww.
i hope your liver will clean itself out and you will get your color back..
good luck my friend and say hello to your family from irene from nyc