Monday, April 14, 2008

HAPPY 3 MONTH BIRTHDAY TO ME!---13 Weeks---Day 92

Well last night was not good....not good at all. My tummy was hurting so bad that I was freaking out from 1am-5am. Mom was so sad for me and there was nothing she could do. She almost called my nurse but I eventually got to sleep...after I passed some seriously green & hard was rough stuff. Mom called the doctor in the morning and he said to cut out my second dose of my Ursodiol and see if that helps. I felt much better all day.....still nauseous an hour after I eat but I just spit a little stuff up and then I am ok. I am up to full 2 oz. (60ml.) feedings a couple times a day.....sometimes a few ml.s less. I am also taking a few mls from a regular Avent bottle with my feedings....this whole bottle feeding thing is growing on me VERY slowly.

In the morning, I hung out with Joshua and Daddy while Mom slept some. Gramma brought Jonathan home and we had some lunch. I slept since I had been up all night. They just let me rest and then serenaded me with my "Happy 3 Month Birthday" song. Our dessert was cookies....chocolate chip ones from the Reids and oatmeal raisin from the Pritchards. We put them on my special plate too. We are all just so happy to be celebrating. I got 2 from Alyssa, Uncle Tom and Aunt Linda and the other from Gramma & Grampa. I missed Grampa today....he didn't feel too good so he didn't want to take the chance of getting me sick.

Gramma then took Joshua to her house so I had to say good bye to him.....I sure will miss his kisses tonight. But Jonathan is here to care for me. Me, Jonathan and Mommy hung out all night....Jonathan even camped out on the living room floor to be with us.

Well it's off to bed. I will add some pics tomorrow of my celebration....Lord willing. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jacob, I'm sorry your tummy is hurting so much. Tonight, I am claiming for you, I Cor 1:3-4 "... Blessed be the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction," I pray that you and mommy sleep well tonight, and you feel better in the morning.

Sweet dreams - Lynne B.

Emily said...

Hallelujah!! Happy Birthday, Mr. Three Month Old. I praise God for your awesome life today.

boltefamily said...

Happy 3 Month Birthday Jacob! You are such a blessing! We will be praying for better nights ahead!

Holly said...

Happy 3 month birthday, Jacob!!!
I just wanted to let you know that I sleep thru American Idol, too.

Hope you tummy is feeling better soon. Sounds like you could all use some sleep at your house.

I continue to hold you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. God bless,
Holly & Morgan (fellow t18 traveller)

Anonymous said...

Jacob, I am so happy for your 3 month Birthday, what a joy and celebration! We love you and your family so much and pray for all of you every night. Take care little one.
love, the skeffington's

Sonja said...

Oh precious Jacob. You are getting so big. :) What a little man you are becoming, so handsome in your 3 month old pictures.

I pray God continues to Bless you and your family. May God sooth your little tummy and help to make things better all around for you.

God Bless.

Steve & Marie Douglas said...

My mommy & Daddy say they like your pictures you look so handsome! & MY BIG BROTHER JOSIAH SAYS "HI LIJA FREN"

Anonymous said...

I am sorry your belly is hurting. Natey had some issues with constipation too and he is on miralwx for that (1 teaspoon/day). We are still praying Jacob!
Randi Booth