Monday, April 7, 2008

Just Some Technical Details

First off just wanted to let you know that we added some links to the other blogs that we check out occasionally when we have a free second here and there... they're located on the sidebar under all our videos and are labelled "My Bloglist." Secondly, wanted to let you know that due to some recent schedule developments our posts probably won't be done in the same timeframe you've grown accustomed to. Didn't want anyone getting paranoid or upset that our posts weren't on that night... they'll most likely occur the following morning or early afternoon around this time going forward.... sorry to all those who faithfully check our blog first thing every morning.... now you can actually do some work at your job! :) Check it at lunch and hopefully we'll have it up for you! Thanks for your continued love and support!


Pauline said...

Oh sweet Jacob i would rather not do that W word so early in the morning ... it is far more fun to catch up with your latest happenings ... hope all continues to go well and the new schedule works better for more computer time for you! :)

Holly said...

I will have to be more patient reading you updates then, Jacob. I will keep praying in the meantime.

Holly McCormick

Laurie said...

Thinking about your sweet boy this morning on day 86, and letting you know I am so blessed and amazed with Jacob. Each and every update is a joy to read. Have a blessed day today.

Laurie in Ca.