Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pics I promised & Day 88

Well hello everyone. I had an ok night........had a few tummy issues but over all I slept longer time frames than the other night....gave Mom a little break. We got up this morning and went to the YMCA to watch Joshua and Jonathan at their homeschool Gym & Swim classes....they sure are great swimmers! We then headed home to be outside in the sun a bit.....Joshua and Jonathan were on their bikes and I was in my stroller....all riding around....we even have our own parking spots....nothing too fancy, just some chalk lines but it was fun. Then Miss Michelle, my massage therapist, came over to work on me a bit but I was pretty cranky.....GAS! There is a picture of her working on me. These other pictures are of me on my beautiful quilt I told you about yesterday.....isn't it great??? I'll get on later and let you know how the rest of my day 88 went. Talk to you then!


boltefamily said...

The pictures are great! Such an amazing little miracle you are Jacob! We love you and are praying for you each and every day! Hoping for a good night tonight!

The Bolte Family

Jessica said...

Is it possible that this boy just keeps getting CUTER and CUTER by the day? Man, in every photo he is more adorable than in the last adorable one! Still praying for you, little man.
Jessica in Italy

Destini said...

You are such an amazing little man with an amazing creator. I love to read about your days. Your stories are such a testimony to God's goodness and grace.

I pray for you and your family each time I log in and read your posts.

thanks for sharing your story little man!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful friends, that quilt is so beautiful and Jacob you look so good on it growing bigger everyday. Thank God for friends!!