Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day 90!

Well today was Daddy's first weekend since he went back to work... so what did we do? We kicked him out of bed early so that he could spend time with me and my brothers... and more importantly... so that Mommy could catch up on some long needed sleepytime! I think he almost forgot how to take care of me! Actually though, he ended up doing a great job! He got me to take both my medicines and all my food without any problems gagging or spitting up... the first feed at least! This afternoon? That's a whole other story. But not bad for his first official day back on the "more important job!"
So the Fahmer Boys hung out all morning together... eating breakfast, playing games, watching a little TV and just being boys while Mommy snoozed the morning away. I was pretty excited all morning because I knew that I had a date to go on tonight. That's right... I went on a date with Mommy and Daddy! Gramma and Grampa took Joshua and Jonathan so that me and Mommy and Daddy could go to Outback for dinner! I was so excited about my date that I decided to scream and cry and push all my food from my stomach back up my tube for about 40 minutes before hand. I've been told that this is a very common feeling for a boy or a girl's first date. Something about butterflies in the stomach. Well... if there were any in my stomach, I pushed em up and out my tube! When it finally came time for dinner I fell asleep... I exhausted myself. It's too bad because Daddy told me that he ate a big red cow that was still moo'ing and Mommy ate some shrimp and scallops (whatever those are... Daddy said he was sorry that I would have to eat them later on!) Turns out that two of Mommy's cousin's families were at the same restaurant and Jarrod was there! He was so excited to see me... he faked having to go to the bathroom a couple of times so he could come back and peek at me sleeping! Afterwards we did a little shopping and then went back to Gramma and Grampa's to get my brothers. I wasn't liking being in my car seat or away from my home so we headed home.

After my brothers went to bed I thought Mommy was getting me dessert. Look at all the buckets of ice cream she pulled out of the freezer! Woh! Bring it on Mom! Unfortunately it turns out she was just organizing it to melt it down and feed it to me later! Doh! Those are 2, 4, and 8 ounce containers... that's enough to even fill Daddy's ice cream cravings... ok.. maybe not.


Kim ( said...

Day 90 - praising Jesus for you little man.
In Him,

Maddy said...

I put up the schedual in my blog, funny how we saw each other again. Praying for you, Jacob. ~Maddy

Cathy said...

Ok, Jacob I came to get a few smiles and you never fail to provide. Thank you and I am praying that you will soon be able to keep your meds and foods down. You are truly one of God's most special Angels. Praise God for 90 days of Glory!!!!!!!!
Cathy & Annabel

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a good weekend. I'm glad mommy got to catch up on sleep, and you got to hang out with the guys. My prayers today are that you'll be able to tolerate your medicine and that it will help you. Happy Day 90!

Hugs - Lynne B.