Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 87!

I must be growing big because I kept waking in the night (like every 2 1/2 hours) to be fed....gotta break the 6 pound mark....just keep pouring it in Mom! So I got up with Mom and Joshua this morning and I was fussy here and there all morning. Mom went out to run around and left us 3 boys with Daddy which is always a good time.....we either play video games or watch a movie. Dad finally realized that I am totally fine JUST as long as I am held....doesn't matter if you want to hold me in your arms or in my carrier.....being held is the best. Daddy looks really cute with the carrier on too :) These daddies think that those carriers are tough.....try doing what the mommies do for 9 months...those carriers are a piece of cake (Mom told me to say that). So Mom came home in time for a meeting with a county employee who explained the services we can get to help me try a bottle.....I really am ok with this whole tube thing now and I am not too keen on the bottle so we'll see what I'm up against here. They are trying to organize either a speech therapist or an occupational therapist who can also help with my hands. We'll see what happens there.....just more appointments. Mom has a week marked on her calendar where we are not allowed to have ANY appointments (except cardiology....already making an exception.....but who wouldn't to go and see my cardiology family?!?!?) just because we have soooooo many people in and out and we are in and out all the will be's not for a couple weeks but we are looking forward to it and trying to schedule all my current appointments so they line up and I still have enough eyes on me while we take the break. So, then I hung out with Mom and Jonathan while Joshua and Grampa went to Joshua's last golf class. Jonathan wanted me to just hang out with him and watch some Clifford so I did. Then I went with Mom to get some dinner ready.....I like this whole cooking thing....maybe some day I'll get to taste it all.

Joshua has a cold and it is just killing him that he can't love on me....I miss his big sloppy wet kisses :( I then hung with Grampa while Mom got the bigger boys in bed and did some dishes.....I fussed some for Grampa.....he's a tough guy but he just can't stand it when I's a power trip for me.....he just loves me so much and he tells me all the time.....I just love being loved by my family.

So did you see that comment from the cute girl I picked up at the mall yesterday???....she's one of my new biggest fans....she's a sweetie :) Look out ladies....there's a line forming :) And the other comment about the young girl (my mom's little cousin) who is struggling at school but is secure in the fact that she is fearfully and wonderfully made....praise God for that realization and THANK YOU for allowing God to show you that through is just amazing to be used by God in such big ways. Thank you for making my life count in your lives.

Well, Mom set up my room to lay me in my crib to sleep....NOT GUNNA HAPPEN!....I puked and she came and got me so fast.....deep down she can't be without me so I am just helping her find excuses to keep me close to sleep...I'm a good helper. So, I think I secured my spot on her chest again tonight.....go me!

I'll get some pictures out to you tomorrow....Mommy and Daddy's friends Derrick and Nicole sent me a beautiful hand made quilt....Nicole does it ALL by hand.....just wait to see the pictures.....and the pattern is called "Jacob's ladder" perfect is that??? I'll show you it tomorrow.

Mom is ready for some rest so if I want my spot, I better go....have a great night!


Amanda said...

Hello Sweet baby Jacob. You are such a cutie pie. I check in several times a day with you. I signed up just today so that I could leave you little notes from time to time & let you know I'm praying for you. Besure & keep mommy on her toes tonight.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Cant wait to see your pictures, hope you all get a good nights rest.
Praying for you tonight.

The VW's said...

Jacob, You ARE being used by God in BIG ways! You may be a little guy, but growing! :), but you sure do speak loud and clear! Thanks for continuing to share your inspirational life!

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want to hold you, Jacob??? You're lovely!
We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Lord for letting your love shine through this little boy!!!
I hope your brother gets better so he can love on you again! I bet you miss that!
Still praying,
Randi Booth