Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 91!

Well, because I didn't feel too hot Saturday, Mom and Dad felt bad putting me in my carseat all day Sunday (because I HATE my carseat still, especially when my tummy hurts) so we just hung out at home in the morning.Then Mommy took Jonathan to the mall to get his 4 year old pictures taken and then to Gramma & Grampa's to spend the night. It is good for him and Joshua to get a little time to themselves with Gramma & Grampa. I just hung out with Daddy and Joshua all afternoon until Mom came back (she did a Wegman's run while she was alone).

Then the Meyer Family came over to visit me. Miss Tami has a baby in her belly and I got to sit on him!....he is soooooo far out in his Mommy's belly.....he's my size and still has some time left in there.....hang in there as long as you can my friend 'cause it's tough out here.

Once company headed out and Joshua headed to bed, I just chilled with Mom and Dad and caught up on some American Idol. I sleep well during that show.

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