Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 97!

Well today was a beautiful day! It was sunny and warm out... so much that Jonathan wanted to open our swimming pool! My brothers wanted to go swimming so bad they were begging Mommy and Daddy to go to the Y to swim. Mommy and Daddy decided that going to the Y on the nicest day of the year was not a good idea, so instead we headed outside! Daddy started working on the playground again for a few minutes until my brothers talked us all into riding their bikes to the playground down the street. This was our first big trip with Joshua and his 2 wheeler with training wheels! He did great! I think Mommy and Daddy were scared out of their minds since the streets around us don't have sidewalks and they were trying to keep an eye on two boys on bikes and me in a stroller! But we made it to the park safely... so much excitement I decided to take a nap! After my brothers played on the playground, we went on the bike path where Joshua proceeded to show everybody exactly how fast he could go on those new training wheels! Daddy had to run to keep up with him. He even left crazy-driver-Jonathan sucking dust! Me and Mommy were way in the back since I wasn't strapped into my stroller and Mommy had on sandals! Just you wait, boy! One of these days I'll catch up to you big guys! Somehow, we made it all the way home and Daddy went back to work on the playground. We all helped here and there in between sleeping or playing with sticks or throwing rocks or playing chess or making lunch... Can you guess which one I was doing? That's right.... THROWING ROCKS! No... just kidding... that was probably Jonathan. He was trying to be Huck Finn or something running around the yard all day with no shoes on! I was playing CHESS! Got you again! That was Joshua! He was up in the treehouse (also with his shoes off) playing chess with Daddy. Daddy kept trying to get away and put that next piece on the playhouse, but Joshua kept calling him back to play more chess... and even a game of checkers! Joshua 3-1-1. Daddy 1-3-1. Daddy says he was playing "speed chess" to try and end the game quick so he could work more, but I just think that Joshua is getting better than him! So even though they took some breaks to take care of me and my brothers and my Mommy from time to time... here's the progress they made today:
Yep, that picture above was taken in the new porch on the new picnic table in the Magic Clubhouse. Jonathan said it was a "picture of the whole family.... well, the whole AWAKE family." Yep, that's right... I was sleeping!
Well after we finally stopped working on our day off, we all got cleaned up and went to Wegman's for dinner! We had some subs and chicken fingers ....and milk for me of course... and then went and did some shopping! After we came home and got the boys to bed we watched some American Idol.... guess what I do during American Idol....

Yep... you guessed it... and apparently it's contagious!


Anonymous said...

Checking up on you from the UK, Jacob! We are still praying, from America all the way to Blighty!!!
The Booth family

Anonymous said...

Your backyard playground is really coming together. Jacob, when I didn't see you, I figured you took the great photo of your family! I can't wait to see photos of you enjoying the fort and picnic table. Stay strong, my friends!

Love - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

Your Tree House Looks GREAT!
Enjoy the sun and we hope to see you all soon.
Love Alyssa

Anonymous said...

the magic clubhouse looks fantastic, you all have done such a great job. and Jason the chess games keep you on your toes. jacob i am glad you got to get out and enjoy the great weather. have a great week. love, judy