Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 93!

SO you all loved the pics huh!??! Well I will have to get you my 2 month ones I hadn't posted...they are pretty cute too. Here they are, so enjoy!We love the professional ones in our home the best but Mom always got Joshua and Jonathan's done an JCPenneys so she wanted to do the same for me....inexpensive photo packages...can't go wrong.

So my tummy seems to be feeling better. I still have this whole crazy gagging thing that happens about an hour after I eat. But don't most babies spit up?!?!? I am only getting half my dose of Ursodiol now so we have to keep an eye on my poop....see if it changes color again....my poop does some amazing things.

Miss Kristen came over....she is an Occupational Therapist. She is going to help out with my bottle feeding (to see if it is a realistic goal) as well as work with my hands a bit. We'll see how it all goes in a few weeks...we were just introducing ourselves this week.

Gramma brought Joshua home and then hung out a bit.

I finished off my second can of formula to fortify Mom's milk! I'm feeling better and hungrier....I woke Mom every 3 hours to eat. Gotta pack on the pounds for my big weigh in tomorrow. Talk to you then.


Michelle said...

I love these so much as well. You can see how much his hands have relaxed. I love the 'frown' ones. The ones where he's being held up in the air with your hands really give us a good idea of how small he is.

Susie said...

I'm sure that the :faces: Jacob made in these photos are the "real" Jacob. I found that with Joshua I so rarely got the "real Joshua" in photos. I treasure the ones that have his signature faces...