Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 104!

Can you say "wedding shower"?!?!?? Man! I thought this was going to be great... Mommy spent the whole morning getting all dolled up and looking bee-u-tiful! She gave me a bath and got me all dressed up and hauled me out the door... just me and her! Daddy was going to take my brothers for the day so that me and Mommy could "take a shower." Now, I remember the last time me and Mommy "took a shower." That wasn't so bad... actually it was pretty nice once you got over the initial shock of water on the face. THIS WAS SO DIFFERENT. There wasn't even warm water involved! Picture it... a room full of 30 women - all of whom wanted to hold me or see me or kiss me or talk to me. At one point I actualy thought there might be purses swinging and people "taking it outside" (Gayle and Buscia! :) ) over who was going to hold me! Poor Aunt Juli.... who can compete with "the cuteness?"... I hope she had a great day even though a celebrity showed up at her wedding shower. Is that why there was no warm water?
I don't think I was ever so happy to see my calm little house... and then my brothers busted out of the clubhouse and came running with stories of what they had done all day. Apparently they went to the Webkinz Extravaganza Day.... where each of them had bought a new Webkinz and got one free... and Jonathan even one another one spinning some kind of wheel. Heck! I could do that! Where's my Webkinz?!?! All I got was a shower... with no water! Ok... I'm done complaining now. It was great to meet all those new people that I'm somehow related to! Apparently my brothers didn't have all fun while I was gone... Daddy took them on a trip to the hardware store where they were forced into manual labor. Joshua and Jonathan helped Daddy move over 1100 lbs of concrete mix and play sand. That's like 225 of me! Can you imagine that? 225 of me would be great! 1100 lbs of concrete and sand.... not so much. Good news is that the magic clubhouse now has a sandbox with 400 lbs of sand at the bottom! Bad news... the boys were exhausted!
Gramma and Grampa, Aunt Juli and Aunt Nancy came over to the house because apparently they hadn't had enough of me! I think that Mommy has a secret plan with them to try and keep me up all day so that she can get some sleep at night or something! Aunt Juli had to get her Ted's Hot Dog run in before she left town again so they went and bought out the store and brought it back for everybody to gobble up. I can't wait to see how a Loganberry shake tastes!

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Anonymous said...

Jacob, I just wanted to thank you for fitting me in for some special time at Aunt Juli's shower. She was just so busy (and probably too old for her aunt to love on her too much) and i know you were on high demand. Love to you and keep up the good work. Love, A. Linda