Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 99 - 14 Weeks!

Happy Birthday to me!....again! Last night, I had kind of a tummy ache and was crying out but not totally waking up....this was ok for me but not so ok for Mommy. She is trying this new schedule with me and playing around with my food since I have not been digesting it all....she feeds me more but with longer time between feeds....we'll see how my tummy takes it. SO far, it's just ok....I still have some left in my tummy and then Mom puts more in....makes me gag....or maybe it's that tube....or maybe it's just that I am a baby! I know why, but it's a secret and I just can't find the words to tell Mom and Dad what it is. So, we all headed outside again today. Mommy got some flowers in her garden, Jonathan found some worm friends, Joshua played chess on his new super cool Transformer chess board (which he is so excited about and absolutely had to have a picture of him and his board on Jacob's blog to share with everybody!), and Daddy FINISHED THE CLUBHOUSE! Yes ladies and gentlemen, there is not a part left is really cool, I went up in the Magic Clubhouse AND (get this!!!) I WENT DOWN THE SLIDE! (with Daddy).

Mom went for a quick nap while us boys hung out. Then we did Happy Birthday with a candle in a bowl of ice cream before Daddy headed to work. Gramma and Grampa came over with some dinner.....chicken, salad and corn-on-the-cob....nothing for I just snoozed. Then we did Happy Birthday again with yummy cookies (Good thing Daddy was working... he would have ate them all!) I hung out with Gramma....she is so funny. I want to tell her so badly but I just can't seem to do it....I'm working on it.....this whole laughing thing and giggling thing is hard....I do it all the time on the inside but I just can't seem to get my face to work yet....I'm working on it though.

Mom helped Gramma get a few things ready for Auntie Juli's wedding shower and then it was just me and Mom. She fed me, caught up on some TV, and then we dozed. Over all, it was a great 99th day....everyday is a blessing from above.


Patty said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!! What a strong little man you are! I am glad that you got to go down the slide with your daddy!

Anonymous said...

Clubhouse is looking great! Still praying!!!

Michelle said...

HAPPY 99 DAY BIRTHDAY!! Thats a big day for you and for T18. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. I think your life does that!

Way to go Dad on the finishing the club house *High Five*

The slide must have been exhilirating !!