Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 107!

So I slept great yet again! Mom is getting spoiled. With this new feeding schedule, I've only been waking once! Mom even moved me up to Newborn size diapers because I am sleeping longer....they have Micky Mouse and friends on them. My day diapers are still preemie size but mom found the preemie Pampers Swaddlers with Sesame Street babies on them!....she bought the store out of them!...she is so silly.....I guess their advertising scheme works!

Ok...so my family realized this morning that we didn't have a 15 week party for me last night! Mom sang to me before I went to sleep but Dad and my brothers sang to me in their cereal this morning! I forgave them since technically it is my 15 week birthday until 6:03pm tonight. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! No Gramma & Grampa or other visitors coming over to sing in some good dessert.....No 15 week singing video......not even a picture! WhAT iS GoINg oN HEre?!?!?! We did celebrate my day 105 birthday Sunday just for the heck of it....but I still like my weekly milestones. We are just getting to normal but we all really missed the celebration....it's important to us.

Miss Kristen, my occupational therapist, came over and had some ideas for us to try with bottle feeding. She also showed Mom a way she could hold me so that I can stretch out my right side of my neck since the muscles are tighter on that side. It is nice that it is nothing too strenuous....just a few tweaks of things we already do and that can make all the difference. We'll see how it goes.

So then Gramma came over and she, my brothers, Mommy and I headed out of town! My first out of town day trip! We went to Rochester to visit Aunt Nancy and Uncle Kevin. I hadn't been out there in a while....since I was in Mommy's belly. We went there and hung out at their house for a bit, then went for a walk and froze our little hineys off....then Uncle Kevin was home from work so we went back for some dinner. We made cookies.....oatmeal chocolate chip...mmmmm Me and my brothers helped. There are pictures but I'll have to get them from Gramma. We then headed home. I traveled really well both ways....Mom was very thankful....she didn't want me being upset about my carseat the whole hour and a half there and then home....I did great....not a peep out of me. It was a great first day trip.

So we came home pretty late and me and the boys were out cold...Mom had to bring in out little sleepy limp bodies and all out luggage from the day....but now I am up and blogging....ready for some yummy milk and then off to bed for me and Mom.

Thank you Jesus for another day....thank you!

God bless you and your family....hug them a little longer and thank the Lord for them.


Anonymous said...

Always praying..sounds like you're enjoying each day!!!!
We could all learn a lesson from you and your family!

Michelle said...

Yay on the sleep. I hope all the new things the OT showed mommy will work well for you so that you can be rid of the feeding tube.


The VW's said...

Thankyou Jesus for little Jacob and his family!!! Your daily adventures and lessons are inspirational! God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been on in a while and when I did get on and try to catch up I was so glad to hear that you are doing well or read I should say. You are always in my prayers little guy.

God Bless,
Jenn in CA

Shari said...

I am just thanking the Lord for parents like you! Your testimony will speak through this blog. I don't remember how I came across your blog, but I have read every entry and viewed some of the videos. I will pray for your family regularly! Thank you for the opportunity to pray for you!

Steve & Marie Douglas said...

Hey their Little Jacob! IT'S ME YOUR LITTLE BUDDY IN CALIFORNIA, ELIJAH (well i'm not here yet but your still my friend)
Don't you let that family of yours start salcking on you!! You need to keep them on their toes!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for day 107 and several good nights' sleep! I'm with you about wondering about the birthday celebration. I always love to watch your brothers position themselves to blow out the candles. Sleep well tonight, sweet boy and family!

Love - Lynne B.

Kim (marygracesummons.blogspot.com) said...

Praising Jesus for you little fellow! We'll keep praying!

GirlSpeaks said...

Just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Erin said...

I am glad you are getting lots of sleep! I have been reading your journal and praying every day! My 6 year old daughter thinks you are VERY VERY cute and she loves your videos!

Keep strong!!