Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 94!

So I slept pretty good last night...5 hours straight....just not when it was Mommy's bed time. I just cannot train her to get to bed at 8...she says its too early for her and she has to catch up on her day....I tell her to take it or leave it....she leaves it and then doesn't like it when I am up every 3 hours in the middle of the night. We spent some time outside today. Dad was getting some of the playground together and needed Mom's help. Check out the pics! Not bad for the first real half-day of construction, huh? Busia drove out here to visit me....I slept the whole time. I had to head out with Mom and Dad to go to the doctors, so she stayed with Joshua and Jonathan. Here's a pic of what I look like in my car seat... I hate it. Everytime. I pretty much just scream the entire car ride! The doctor had good things to say.....have I told you how much I love my doctor....he's great. He said my color looks a lot better which is great! We are going to resume the regular Ursodiol doses and increase my Zantac since I am getting bigger....OH! I didn't tell you my weigh in number.....YOu rEaDy??? 5 pounds 10 ounces! Here I am on the scale! I'm gaining! I've gained 2 pounds 1 ounce since leaving the hospital....I'm creeping in on 6! :) So the doctor says he thinks that my nausea is more to the fact that I have a tube in my throat and most babies spit up without that. So since I am not puking like my whole feed and just spitting a little bit, we are not too concerned about it. I guess I'm ok with that but it still is upsetting my tummy...maybe the increased Zantac will help....sometimes I feel like a lab rat! But you know what.....these people sure know what they are doing out here since they have kept me going for this long...THANK THE LORD!....seriously...thank you GOD! If they are just guessing, they need to play the lotto 'cause we are beating the odds here ladies and gentlemen. So then I hung out outside in my stroller with Busia a bit before we headed in for some serious snuggle time. Now, I am not sure if you have someone who is just the best to snuggle with, but second to Mom, Busia is the BEST! Around my house, we call her "The Queen of Comfy." I think there is a "comfy chromosome" and Busia has 3 of those!...she's got "Tri-comfy 18" :) I slept and slept...didn't even care to eat.....Mom is in some trouble tonight....but when isn't she?? Busia held me which was a huge help to mom....she got dinner ready, ate and cleaned up, pumped and some all while Busia had me. That's a big help. So now I'm just going to chill with Mom and my brothers.

Thanks so much for checking in on guys are the greatest. Oh, did I mention that I polished off my second can of formula? Hoo-Ha! I'll have some pics tomorrow.....ok?


Anonymous said...

Jacob, my family and I will be going to England to visit the fam.... We will continue to pray and thank God for every day we have you on this earth. GLORY!!! GLORY!!! GLORY!!! He is good!
The Booths

boltefamily said...

Jacob you are so precious. You make me smile each time I check on you. Tricomfy 18 that is hilarious! You must have gotten your mommy's sense of humor :-) You are so loved and prayed for!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so happy your doctors appointment was good.
I feel silly giving you this blog address, becasue I figure you already know about it, but just in case. Little Annabel has Trisomy 18 and is three years old!!!! So in case you havent heard her story her it is

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you are doing so well! 5lbs 10oz.

"Tri-comfy 18" ha ha


Hilary said...

Wow you are getting big!!

Anonymous said...

I am just so thankful to have another day to read about your adventures! Thanks for sharing the day with a bunch of strangers who love you and your family so much.

with love and prayers - Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Jacob, you are filling out so nicely, love to see you tipping the scales!!
love, judy

Rog & Aimee said...

I think that is just great about your son! He seems to be doing pretty well so far huh? Praise the Lord! I just wanted to comment about your videos on the right and how awesome it would be to be in your home every week for special treats! I want a birthday party ever week! what a wonderful tradition!

Anonymous said...

That playground is coming together nicely. You'll soon be out in the fresh air with your brothers - woohoo! You didn't look happy to have your clothes off at the doctor's office (who would?), but your skin color is looking better- yeah! Hope your tummy allows you and Mommy to get a good night's sleep. My prayers continue to surround you and your family.

With love - Lynne B.