Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 102!

Howdy! Well, I had quite the day today. After a loooooong night with Mommy (that whole not breathing thing got to me and my stuffy nose) we got up and packed up for a day at the farm. Our homeschool group took a trip there and it was great! I hung out in my little carrier all day. We went on a hay ride, visited the ponies and massive horses (one even tried to steal my blanket!), Joshua and Jonathan rode the ponies, touched all sorts of animals, and got to "crack corn". There were lots of baby animals. Check out the photos.

This baby is younger than me! Can you believe it?!?! You'll see why when you see the bottle she drinks from!
I'm crying just thinking about having to finish that thing off! Take it away Mommy! I'll stick to my little ones! I'll try harder I promise! Don't make me drink from THAT!!

Here's our family with a baby goat added to Mom's lap. Nice face Jonathan! The mama goat is ready to come get us (see her in the background?)....if she wasn't tied up it would be a battle of the Mamas.

There's me and my little goat friend....he liked my tube....I think he's jealous that I don't have to work for my food and he does! But then I was jealous of him since Jonathan was holding him and not me!

That horse and Joshua have a great sense of style!
This mama horse was huge! Even to you regular size people....she was really nice to me though....she checked me out a bit but then Mom put a stop to that.

Yeah for pony rides!

So, we headed home to get all washed up. Miss Chrissy, Delaney and Chloe all brought us dinner and played. They had great fun outside in the Magic Clubhouse. It filled our Daddy-less evening well. Mom likes to hang out with her friends....I like it too when there are two cute girls who tag along and love to love on me....that's good stuff.


amanda said...

Cute Post, and Cute pictures!!

Michelle said...

This past week we were away on holiday and one 2 of the days we went to an animal farm. It was great. I'll be posting some pictures soon.

Your goats look very soft and cuddly ours look different. You'll see one picture on one when I post it.

I'm also going to homeschool my boys :)

Michelle said...

I just noticed that Jacob looks smaller than the distance from the horses nose to its mouth!